So much for compassion: A review of Green Lantern #7

So right now things are kind of crazy across all the lantern books. I would like to think DC has them all leading to some big cross over. Then I remember what the New 52 is…Anyways, this is a great read.

post contains spoilers

So while Hal Jordan was getting used to his life back on Earth, Sinestro was busy flying around space looking for an old friend. He found more than he bargained for when he looked into the Book of Black and saw bits of the future. A future he was not to pleased about. So where does he turn? The last person he wants to but the only one who can help, Hal Jordan. For even if Hal has moved past being a Green Lantern and is ok with a normal life on Earth, the universe has different plans. It needs Hal Jordan to be a Green Lantern.

So Sinestro shows up to Carol’s to bring Hal back into the fight and when Hal says no things get out of hand. To the point where Sinestro has Carol at gun point and will kill her if Hal does not come along. When Sinestro finally has Hal’s attention he explains why he has dot be so extreme. He tells Hal of the plan to replace the Green Lantern Corps. Before Hal can even think about what he has just been told. Indigo-1 and the rest of the tribe show up out of the indigo(C wut I did there?) They claim that Guardians giving Sinestro a green ring was a mistake and that he now belongs to the Indigo tribe. Well Sinestro and Hal aren’t to happy about this but they are greatly out numbered. Things get so bad that Carol even runs to get her ring that she swore to never wear again. But by the time Carol and get the ring on Hal, Sinestro, and the Indigo Tribe are gone and she is left alone to wonder what the hell just happened.

Back on Oa things are looking grim. It seems that Sinestro placed Lyssa Drak, that last known holder of the Book of Black under to Guardians watch. It turns out that the Guardians want to the Book of Black. When it becomes clear that she no longer has the book, they get ready to put her down. Ganthet stops them and tells them that they can’t start dropping bodies until they are ready. However, they need the Book of Black to find the First Lantern. Here I thought it was all about rings but I guess people just want to read some books. Either way, it looks like the Green Lantern Corps still has some time to stop this. Well at least they could if they even knew what the Guardians are planning.

Elsewhere, Hal Jordan wakes up in a prison cell naked again with an empty ring. Which is becoming something that is happening to him way to often. I feel Hal and Alec Holland would get along. They both just wanted to live their lives but the job keeps calling. Can we get a Green Arrow/Green Lantern/Swamp Thing buddy book? I would read the crap out of that. While in jail, Hal almost gets his arm ripped off by some crazy alien until he is saved by someone he did not think to see….Black Hand. Now we knew that Black Hand was with the Indigo Tribe. Well that is if you still count Blackest Night and the events after that happening. Which couldn’t have happened if you look at Aquaman, Firestorm, or Hawkman’s current titles. Regardless of what DC is doing, Black Hand is there and isn’t much help. It’s no secret that the Indigo Tribe has its out little language. So when Hal starts asking questions, all he gets is gibberish. It seems that Sinestro is to be reborn just as Black Hand was and become a member of the Indigo Tribe.

So there you have it. This issue, while fantastic, is kind of like an episode of Lost. Sure it answered some of your questions, but now you have ten new ones to ask. Now I read Blackest Night/ Brightest Day/ War of the Green Lanterns but I did miss some things in between. So Black Hand has been “reborn” into a good guy? SO if we take that and the way Munk acts, it would seem that all Indigos may have done some wrong in the past and are now reborn through compassion? I am not sure but it is all I got for right now.


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