Are you choking me? A review of Birds of Prey #7

The lovely ladies of Birds of Prey are closing in on Choke, but who is he really and if he dealt with, what will it do to the team?

Post contains spoilers

So last issue ended with the ladies closing in on Choke, but even if they have found him, Black Canary, Katana, and Poison Ivy are under attack be office works under Choke’s control. Just when it seems like a win, something else sets them back. As the ladies grow tired of playing Choke’s games, things get out of hand. When Ivy kills one of the worker Black Canary steps in. This leads to Choke taking control on her and turning her on Canary and Katana. Elsewhere, Starling and Batgirl find Choke, Trevor Cahill, who has actually been with the Birds for a while and has been helping them. Pretty shocking turn of events. Even more shocking when he turns Starling on Batgirl. With things going all kinds of crazy, Canary uses her cry and her and Batgirl chase down Trevor.

Once on the run, they have no problem taking down Choke. But things get heated again when Batgirl brings up the issue of trust on Canary’s team. When Starling comes to mind, Canary claims that Ev is one of the few people she can trust. A little fed up and taken back, Batgirl leaves Canary to clean up the rest of Choke’s mess.

Once the ladies have cleaned up and are on the same page. They start to question Choke as to why he did any of this. Now since #1 we have known that Black Canary has been charged with the murder of someone, but we were never told who. And it seems neither did the rest  of the team by the looks on their faces. It seems that Canary has been charged with the murder of her husband. When it becomes clear that Canary is having no luck with Choke, Ivy steps in and tries things her way. This leads to another of Choke’s rhymes that bring bad news to Ivy, he has separated the Green and the human side of Ivy, this will kill her within the hour.

To make matters worse, he turns Starling on Katana. Getting sick of being used, Katana steps in, cutting off Trevor’s head. Now Canary made a point earlier when Ivy killed someone. They get the job done, but they do not kill. When Canary tries to explain that they needed him alive, Katana won’t have it, she will simply have her husband find out the truth. Canary starts to question her team. When Katana is accused of being delusional she leaves. Ivy wants to quit the team, and Starling does not remember shooting anyone and starts to think that Canary might be losing it.

Alone and still wanting answers, Canary heads to Trevor’s apartment to look who he really was and why he did any of this. When nothing turns up she starts to lose it and smashes up the place only to stop when Batgirl shows. Canary crashes under the emotion of it all. Losing her team, the secrets she has kept and the return of Batgirl even after their fight. It’s a pretty touching moment between the two. In one of the earlier issues things seemed shaky between the two. While Batgirl tries to comfort Canary, Katana calls. She claims the man they killed is not Choke..meaning if she is right then Choke is still out their and the Birds of Prey are still in great danger.

Now they have been hinting and Canary actually being under control on manipulated by Choke. Maybe it is possible that Trevor was another pawn for Choke. MAYBE Canary did killer her husband and it was simply under the control of Choke. Each Bird of Prey seems to have their own part of the story we aren’t seeing. Canary with her past and Ivy with her shady deal in the woods.

Things have been pretty rough for teams. I guess since it is still early that it is ok for the teams to struggle to hold together. I just hope they can find more stable ground soon. I feel like each month I have the risk of seeing a team crumble to bits around me. Come on ladies! You guys can do this! I have faith in the Birds of Prey.


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