It is good to be home: A review of Batman #7

Batman has escaped the Court of Owls! Well at least he hopes he has, and even if he has how long will it be until their next attack? Spoiler: Not long.

Post contains spoilers

So last issue Batman was laying at the bottom of the river. Not the best place to be after you have almost been beaten to death. Now Batman may have been close to death, but this is Batman we are talking about! Now Batman may have actually died that night, if some lovely lady had not kick started his heart with some jumper cables. Alive, pissed, and alive Batman storms away without even a thank you. Elsewhere, The Court of Owls is putting together their new plan. Batman may be alive for now, but they still plan to put him in the ground. We one bird has fallen, many birds shall rise! When Batman was down in the maze, he saw a room of past Talons who were out to rest. Now when I first saw this room I thought it was a graveyard. Turns out all the Talons were just sleeping! We will get to how later. But they are alive and kicking and the Court is turning them to one person….Batman.

Batman finally makes his way back to the Batcave and is greeted by Alfred, who had feared Batman dead. He helps Batman inside but it doesn’t take long for Batman to freak out and go crazy. Turns out Alfred collected the body of the Talon Batman fought in the Maze. Once it is confirmed that he is dead, Batman comes down and doesn’t rest. He is Batman and there is work to be done.

While Bruce gets to work on Talon, trying to find out more about him and the Court, Nightwing shows up. Nightwing starts to asking about what has happened but gets very little until they turn to Talon, who turns out to be both alive and dead. There is something in his cells that always for reanimation, but only if it has been prepared. Here is your science lesson from Batman of the Day! In Ancient Greece, people would sometimes be buried with a coin under their tongues to pay Hades. Some coins were made of Electrum, which is a conductive alloy of silver and copper. Talon had traces of the stuff all over his body, from his blood to his cells. All he need was a spark and he would live.  Just like the John Doe, he also had an Owl tooth. But hold on kids! It gets better!

Turns out this Talon’s name is William Cobb, the Great-Grandfather of Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. Is your mind blown? Because mine was! Pissed for being kept in the dark about this, Nightwing starts laying it on Batman pretty thick. And I can’t say I blame him. I love Batman and he always has his reasons, but this is some deep shit going on here. It isn’t until Batman knocks out the tooth that the fact really hits Nightwing, he was meant to be trained as a Talon. However, when his parents died and Batman took him in, things changed.

Batman may have returned but he has been shaken to the core. He thought he knew his city, but it turns out it might have all been a lie this whole time.  But Nightwing makes a good point, when it comes down to it, the Court is just another group of bad guys. Which means more asses to kick! Now, Bruce took out one Talon and almost didn’t walk away from it. Turns out the Court now has about 50 Talons at least from the looks of it…The Bat-family is going to have their hands full on this one..

Next month we see the start of the impact of the Court of Owls in the Bat-family titles, leading up to Night of Owls. Which will be awesome. I know I am looking forward to it.


2 Responses to “It is good to be home: A review of Batman #7”

  1. Is that really all there is to this issue? Batman’s tough and rude to a person who saves him. Another villain with ties to a character’s past. Batman is a jerk to his closest allies. And everything might be a lie. I get fatigued from all these grandiose master plans. The thing that’s most annoying about this is how it takes away from Dick Grayson’s character. Before this tie in, his parent’s death was a trick of fate that brought him into a greater world and more amazing legacy. It made him Robin, a superhero. But now it seems like no matter what he was never going to be just a circus kid. There was always some bigger think in his future. Why did Snyder decide to tie Talon to Nightwing? It’s just a cliche and hackey writing tool to heighten the drama for the audience. Wouldn’t this story have been good enough without relating the villain to a main character through blood. /rant

  2. I’ve been searching for the Court of |Owl story line for som,e time so when i found it yesterday i had on eof the best reads ever. the episode descibed where all the Talons are sent after Batman is the follow on. i haven’t read it yet, i always look for spoilers.
    I’m pretty much 50/50 about Nightwing being the great great grandson of Talon. On one side i feel it a little fatiguing, a little too cliche for it sown good perhaps but at the same time i can understand why the writer would jump to make that sort of tie, the pay off in terms of protagonist conflict with his allies in relation to his goals and antagonists will be ramped up and entertaining.

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