Tough choices die hard: A reveiw of Green Lantern Corps #7

John Stewart is now safe(And back on the Daily Show) and Guy and the others have put and end to the Keeper threat, but what happens now? And did John do the right thing?

Post contains spoilers

Now this is not the first time John has made the hard choice and killed a Green Lantern. He blew up Mogo back in War of the Green Lanterns and it had a huge backlash from the rest of the Corps. Now he battles with the fact that he killed another lantern to save the whole Corps. But that doesn’t make it any easier. John takes it upon himself to pack up Kirrt’s things and get them ready to send home. Now John is a military man and is used to making the hard and tough choices, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. While he knows he did the right thing by killed Kirrt to save the corps, it still eats away at him.

Vandor, the only Lantern who knows the truth tries to comfort John. Telling him that if he was the one that would have broken, he would want John to do the same to him. He even respects him even more that John was able to do it, Vandor feels that he would have not been able to do the same if he were in John’s place. John takes upon himself to bring Kirrt’s body back home to his family. It will not be an easy trip but one that has to be made.

Upon arriving at Kirrt’s home, things get tough. His mother takes it hard and faints and when his little brother sees his body, he goes into a fit, not fully understanding what has happened to his brother. Things become easier for John when he talked to Kirrt’s father about how he was a hero and learns more about Kirrt’s role in his family. Things seem to be going well until they see that Kirrt’s younger brother, Birrt, is missing.

John finds Birrt and a quarry near by trying to break Kirrt out of his coffin. Birrt struggles to understand that his brother, who he saw so highly, had to die. He tries to explain that he gave his life so that so many other could live. Once his sees that even though his brother died he was still a hero he is able to calm down and come to terms with things. I think this also helps John. The family buries Kirrt at a local graveyard and John makes a tombstone for him.

While it is was slow issue, it was nice to have a sort of rest issue. Plus is gives the reader a good look at John, who has spent most of his time in the New 52 a prisoner. However, while John seems to be at peace somewhat with Kirrt’s death, I am sure this will come back to haunt him. Things are never this easy for Green Lanterns.



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