What a messed up family: A review of Wonder Woman #7

Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of my favorite titles out there. I mean Eros has guns!

Post contains spoilers

Zola has been taken by Hades and now Wonder Woman will do anything to get her back. This leave her, Lennox, and Hermes to figure out a plan of action. The first thing to do is find Eros, they need to see the Smith. Finally they meet someone who doesn’t want to kill them since Eros embraces Hermes with open arms. Now Most of the gods they have met so far have tried to kill them on the spot, they hope Hephaestus does not do the same.

While he does not like guests and sticks to his work, he does see them. It will take more then weapons to bargain with Hell but at least it is a start. It does not take long for Hades to strike. Hephaestus has agreed to help them and he is not happy and attacks. Now Hephaestus doesn’t like any kind of guest, so an attack in his work shop really pisses him off. During the attack, two of his worker are killed it is here that Wonder Woman learns that she has a much bigger family then she thought. It turns out all the men who work in his forge are male amazons.

Turns out that 3 times each century they would head out and sleep with men. Once the deed is done, they turn on the men and kill them. Going back to Paradise Island they wait. With each birth of a baby girl brings joy, however, there is no place for men among the Amazons. They would throw they to the sea if it were not for Hephaestus. He trades weapons for their lives. This strikes a nerve with Wonder Woman and she storms off. Later that night she tries to free her brothers. She quickly finds out she is in the wrong. They are not slaves, they owe Hephaestus their lives.

Ashamed, Wonder Woman does not know what to do with herself. This whole battling with Gods is still new to her. She is so used to they thinking of nothing but themselves that she thought Hephaestus had kept them as slaves. But just as he was cast away by his mother, he could not stand by as the amazons did the same. He gave them a life at the forge. Gave them a father they could love.

Hephaestus does not seem to upset by the fight, but doesn’t seem happy either. However, it won;t be long until Wonder Woman heads off the Hell to save her aunt and her unborn child.

Now Wonder Woman is pretty bad ass. I really enjoy the current run. It is fun to see her interact with all the different gods. It adds a nice flavor to her character and giver he solo title some character. It lets it stand out from the rest. It is one of the reasons that is is becoming one of my favorite titles. It is a must read!


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