Now that is what I call a team! A review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #7

This team…this book..So much love for it. Now it is time for us to learn the truth behind Invictus!

Post contains spoilers

So a thought has been sitting with Drew and I since New Guardians #1 hit, how is this team going to work. Sure there have been times of great need where the Corps worked together, but even then they almost killed each other. So how is it that members from each corps can work together and act like an actually team? Well that would be something magical. However, this issue shows us no matter how different, you can still be a team.

Now here we have Invictus, a huge badass angels, who tosses around the team like rag dolls. To make matters worse, he plans on killing them for even knowing Larfleeze. Seems pretty harsh right? Well Invictus does have a story and he is here to tell it.  Way back when, Invictus’ race guarded the people of the planets that orbited the sun Vega. Together with the people of the planet Changralyn, they formed the Council of Virtue to spread their teachings far and wide. That was until the Beast came..

Larfleeze came and attacked, and with each kill his army grew. However, the angels of Vega escaped him. Even when he killed one, its life force would pass into his brothers. With each kill of an angel, his prize escaped him and his enemy grew in power. Larfleeze wants everything, that is no secret. So when he could not have an angel for his corps, he deemed no one could and hunted them all down until only the Archangel Invictus was left. When the two came to blows, Invictus had planned to put him in eternal exile. Just as victory was at hand, he could feel Orange Lanterns pulling at his wings. The fact that he turned around still haunts Invictus, Larfleeze had killed the Council of Virtue and turned them into his lanterns. The shock was just what Larfleeze needed to cut off Invictus’ wings and send him into the unknown meant for him.

Now knowing his pain and hatred for Larfleeze, the lanterns understand Invictus a little better, however one thing remains missing, the Orrery. Which turns out to be a life-size model of the Vega System. He plans on destroying the Vega system and replace it with his. Now he seems less pure and more insane. But what it gets better! It turns out that Invictus did not send the rings to Kyle. While Glomulus knows nothing, his master is pretty pissed. Speaking of rage, Bleez is on her way.

Kyle starts to make progress talking down Invictus about mad his plan is, sure Larfleeze is an ass, but to whip out a whole system? That is a bit much. Just as things are going good, Bleez shows up and starts the fighting back up. Now if there is one thing I LOVE about lantern books, its the constructs. As the fighting picks up again, Kyle, Glomulus, Fatality, and Arkillo charge Invictus. Kyle is in full body armor which looks amazing! Glomulus is like a mini Deadpool armed knives and guns. Fatality a sweet looking spear and Arkillo has a huge battle axe. Hats off to the artist, it is an amazing spread.

When fighting doesn’t work, Munk and Saint Walker start to channel hope at Invictus, but it is no use. Despite the seven of them, he is still to powerful. Now things get real crazy. As Invictus marks Saint Walker as his first kill, it isn’t Kyle that stops him, it is Arkillo. He is seconds away from calling him his friend when Invictus blasts him away. Seeing this and the return of Bleez opens his eyes. Invictus doesn’t even realize the miracle that is happening around him.

Bleez used to be a creature of rage but she came to save them, Arkillo used to see them all as targets and now sees Saint Walker as a friend. The seven corps never get along…ever! But right now, they are becoming something even better. Where Larfleeze sent them as assassins, but they are becoming something much more and all Invictus wants is to destroy that. Now Invictus is fulled by rage but not stupid. He can see Kyle’s point and he will let them leave with their lives on one condition.

Kyle must kill Larfleeze for Invictus!

So holy crap! New Guardians finally being a team. I mean Arkillo rushing to the side of Saint Walker? No one saw that coming. I mean even Kyle says, “What the what?” I would have to say this is my favorite book in the Lantern family. Not that I don’t like them all, they are all good reads. But I mean..New Guardians…This is some great stuff!


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