Aquaman has friends? A review of Aquaman #7

Don’t yell at me! I was just kidding, I like Aquaman and he is in no way lame and smells like fish. But really it looks like Aquaman has some friends from back in the day(Which was a Wednesday).

Post contains spoilers(And no more jokes making fun of Aquaman)

So while last weeks issue focused on Mira, this week shifts back to the bigger picture and things are going to go from crazy to insane. Our story starts in the jungles of Brazil, which is very far from Aquaman’s home in New England. This lady is being chased. Turns out her name is Kahina The Seer and the man hunting her is Black Manta. Kahina calls out for Aquaman as she dies, but she was looking for someone else in this jungle. As Black Manta leaves, he talks a golden object from her dead body. Not the best way to start an issue.

Meanwhile a storm rages on the Atlantic and Aquaman and Mera do everything they can to save as many ships they can before heading to the house of Dr. Stephen Shin. Now Shin is not on the best terms with Aquaman, but when it comes to Atlantis, Shin is the best you can get. Aquaman found out a clue about Atlantis’ past and what may have sunk it. Four Atlanteans even came and tried to stop Aquaman, all he cares about now is the truth. They bring Shin the item they found while fighting the creatures from the Trench. With that, Shin thinks that the Trench might have a bigger part to play in this story then they think. Just as the gets the relic to work, all it say is, Atlantis is in danger. Well I am sure there is more but they are about to have a guest. As Aquaman’s trident starts to glow, a golden globe of the earth appears behind them. They are not alone.

A girl and her panther jump out of the globe and attack Shin. Before she can kill him Mera steps in. It quickly turns into a cat fight. Now I mean really, Mera makes a cat out of water to fight the panther. Before things get to out of hand Aquaman steps in the break up the ladies. From the way this girl talks, it seems Aquaman has changed quite a bit since they last meet. She informs them that Kahina the Seer is dead by the hand of Black Manta and the Golden Seal has been taken. She blames Shin for leading Black Manta to Kahina. Finally Mera has had enough and demands to know what is going on. You and me both Mera!

So it turns out that Aquaman was once part of a group called the Others? Each with an Relic of Atlantis. There was Kahina the Seer who had the Golden Seal, Aquaman and his Trident, Ya’wara which a necklace, Vostok-X with a helmet, P.O.W. with shackles, and the Operative who looks like he also has a golden animal. Somehow they are all tied to Black Manta and Dr. Shin. So who are the Others and why do they even have relics from Atlantis? Are they all from Atlantis? I wish I could tell you but this issue is one of those. It moves the story along but gives you a ton of new questions.

However I will say this, go and pick up Aquaman. Since the launch of the New 52, people have been saying pick up this book if you overlooked it at first. And if you are like me, you did. But I finally had the time to go back and read the other issue and I am so glad I did. People may think Aquaman only talks to fish, but really his powers and kicking ass and having a super hot wife.


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