It isn’t easy being Barry Allen: A review of The Flash #7

So Barry has learned that his powers may be ripping apart time and space. Oh and Captain Cold really wants him dead. He might lose Patty or Iris in the crossfire.

Post contains spoilers

So Barry had finally found a way to control his powers, he had finally started moving on with Patty and life was looking good. That was until Captain Cold decided that he wanted to kill the Flash. unfortunately, Barry was out with both Patty and Iris when Captain Cold attacked. Iris is now save but Patty is falling to her death and Flash is reaching his limit, if he keeps running like this he will open another wormhole.

Even though he knows the risks, he can’t let Patty die. He is able to get her and some others off the boat and lets her know that Barry is safe on the other half of the boat. However, it turns out that he might not be safe at all. Before he has time to think, another wormhole opens up and drags that other half of the boat into the sky, including Iris. Unable to save her, Flash turns his anger to Captain Cold. It is here when Captain cold explains about his sister. Even as enemies, the two know when to draw a line. Flash promises to do all he can for his sister, but he has a bigger problem right now.

Back at the treadmill, Flash has a plan, a risky one but it is all he has. As he starts to run he doesn’t stop, he needs to make another wormhole and run into it. Meanwhile others struggle with their own conflicts. Captain Cold’s sister lives, but may have lost the ability to walk. While he is grateful to see his sister alive and well, she is not happy to see him. Patty struggles with the loss Barry. She still thinks that he was caught in the wormhole. To make things worse, she starts to blame the Flash for all that has been happening. Little does she know the man she loves is the Flash.

Also in Africa, we are shown a group of talking Gorillas(OH SWEET JESUS YES) where turmoil seems to be rising. Where some of them want to follow the old ways, a new mind-set of conquering all has come up. It is unclear what role this will play right now. But at least we know Gorilla City is out there!

As Barry keeps running into the wormhole, things get weird he keeps seeing things, past events, including the passing of his mother and for a second he thinks he might be dead. That is until he comes under attack. A man has come out of nowhere and is demanding that Barry get him out of this place? What is going on and who will want to kill the Flash next week. When hopefully we will learn more about Turbine and the Speed Force of the New 52.

Now I love this current Flash run. But does it seem hard on Barry Allen. Back in the 80’s he became such a hero saving so many lives when he died. And since he came back during Final Crisis, things have not slowed down for the fastest man alive. But I like it. All I can think about now is Gorilla City and the role is will play in following issues.


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