It has begun! A review of Avengers VS X-men #1

So the event that many have been waiting for is finally here! The line will be drawn and old friends will have to choose sides and fight it out. It will be awesome!

Post contains spoilers

War is coming and once again friends will be pinned against each other in battle over what they think to be right and wrong. Things in the world of mutants are not looking good. With the remaining mutants split between Cyclops soldiers on Utopia and Wolverine back at the school, things are already looking bad. Things take a turn for the worse when Hope, thought to be the messiah of the mutants by some starts to feel the Phoenix Force coming for her. Now for those who don’t know about the Phoenix Force it is a huge cosmic entity that is pretty well-known in the Marvel Universe. The only thing I have read is the Dark Phoenix arc, where it enters Jean Grey and eventually becomes Dark Phoenix. Lets just say who ever has the Phoenix Force becomes something like a living god. The Phoenix Force is about to return and it is coming for Hope Summers. Whether it will make her the mutant messiah or a destroy like Dark Phoenix.

With the Phoenix Force coming for Hope, Cyclops pushes her even harder in her training. He is unsure what will happen should Hope and the Phoenix Force join. He wants to believe that it will be a turning point for mutants and that she will indeed become their messiah, but he knows what happened with Jean, and that worries him. Back in New York the Avengers are having an odd day. Things seem normal until Nova comes crashing from the sky trying to warn them of something. All he could say was “its coming” before he fell into a coma. The discover energy traces on Nova’s uniform, energy traces that match those of the Phoenix Force. Should it get to Earth it could mean a whole lot of trouble for the whole world. The Avengers have already sent out a team to try to stop Phoenix before it gets to Earth.

They might already be out of time however. During her training with Cyclops, Hope becomes upset and lashes out at Cyclops and in doing so sends a huge blast of energy at him shaped like a phoenix. This sets off Ironman’s sensors warning him about energy matching that of the Phoenix Force. It is time to act.

Now before heading out to Utopia to talk to Cyclops, Captain America goes by the Jean Grey School to talk to Wolverine. For those of you who don’t know over the many years of comics, almost everyone has been an Avenger at some point. And right now in the comics, some Avengers are mutants like Wolverine and Beast. When Captain America goes to Wolverine asking if he can count on him, he seems unsure. The school won’t be in the fight since they made the Jean Grey School so young mutants could stay out of the fray. While Beast has seemed to side with the Avengers it is unclear who Wolverine will side with. He does warn Captain America about Cyclops. The Phoenix Force destroyed his only chance at true happiness, he will have something planned.

Back on Utopia, Cyclops talks it over with his team. He hopes that if Hope does join with the Phoenix Force it could be just what the mutants need. While Cyclops has is own plans, the others think it should be up to Hope as for their next move. Things get side tracked when Captain America shows up. When Cap tells Cyclops that he needs to take Hope, he turns him down. Now I can see both their sides. It is Caps job as the leader of the Avengers to make sure threats to Earth stop ASAP. However, if Hope can indeed control the Phoenix Force, it could be used as a rebirth for mutant kind. However, Captain America can’t take that risk. When that becomes clear, Cyclops fires the first shot. The war has started.

With that shot, Cap calls down the rest of the Avengers, who are waiting on a cloaked airship right next to the island. Emma takes Hope and runs. Avengers and the X-men are now at war.

Now I am going to have to say I am Team Avengers. I understand that Cyclops is afraid of mutants dying out, but this is the whole world. I mean he saw what Jean became when she became Dark Phoenix. I feel like Cyclops is starting to lose it. His vision is clouded by the past and the future of his people. Captain America tried giving him the chance to work together, but it is clear that won’t happen now. It is time for a fight.

This issue set a great stage for the next 11 issues which I can’t wait to read. I feel like everyone should read this, I have a feeling it is going to be absolutely fantastic.


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