Review of Action Comics #8

“Are you faster than a speeding bullet?”

***Contains Spoilers***

For those of you that didn’t read issues 5-7 (I was in Afghanistan what is your excuse?) I’ll do a brief recap. Issues 5&6 showed us Superman’s parents putting him in his rocket(which contained Brainiac) before Krypton exploded. We also saw Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy(of Legion fame) saving the rockets Kryptonite engine from being stolen by anti-Superman villains from the future, as well as their first meeting with Superman. Both stories focused around the rocket that brought Superman to Earth. The rocket, or more importantly Brainiac is his last tie to his alien heritage. Issue 7 picks up just after Metropolis has been shrunk down and put in a bottle. Superman is able to leap up to the spaceship that has taken Metropolis. Once on board he discovers several different alien cities encased in glass(including Kandor, a Kryptonian city), as well as a Kryptonian suit. The alien conciousness reveals that it began as Brainiac 1.0. During the ensuing fight the case around the Kryptonian suit is damaged and as Superman puts it on the suit changes to his trademark color scheme complete with big red S. Lois Lane and Jimmy are trapped in the city along with Lex Luthor and Mr Glenmorgan. Superman is given the impossible choice of which city to save Kandor(the Kryptonian city) or Metropolis.

That brings us up to issues #8.
Superman is in an all out fight with both Brainiac(in the form of a tentacled, centipede) and Metal-Zero(John Corben, now fused in a suit designed to be used to fight Superman). Corben’s jealousy distracts Brainiac through the link they share. Superman tries to reason with the enraged Metal-Zero and Brainiac, but it proves futile. SUperman ends up flicking the rocket that brought hi to earth(which was shrunk along with Metropolis) into Brainiac’s head. The rocket’s crytals grow quickly and spike out of Brainiac disabling him.

Superman is able to return Metropolis to it’s proper size and location, and decides to keep Brainiac’s ship as his Fortress of Solitude. Metal Zero is deactivated and is back in the hands of the U.S. government. Mr. Glenmorgan had some sort of breakdown inside the city and has admitted to all his illegal activities. Clark Kent breaks the Glenmorgan story and his land lady tells him that she will keep his secret.

Thus ends the first story arc of Action Comics in the new 52. All in all I liked it. The artwork is well done and while the story was a little slow at first, I think it came together nicely. This is the story of when Clark finally becomes Superman. The city sees him as a hero instead of some vigilante menace by the end. All the plot points were neatly wrapped up and now we can get to the present days adventures of the man of steel.


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