Smiting the rot all day long: A review of Swamp Thing #8

Last issue we saw the birth of a new Swamp Thing(Or Swamp Jesus as I like to call him) This is not the old Swamp Thing, born of the hollow shell that was Alec Holland, but a new Swamp Thing. And he is here to kick ass.

Post contains spoilers

Last issue, the Parliament of Trees used their last bit of power to reborn Alec Holland into the Swamp Thing he should have become years ago. A being so powerful that it is almost frightening. With his new power, Alec heads off to the Kingdom of the Rot to try to save Abby and end this threat once and for all. Even with his new powers, this will not be an easy feat. The Rot has been building up its forces and is ready for Alec. And with each attack from the Rot its power grows. Sethe the lord of the Rot, readies his troops. Let Swamp Jesus come, he believes he is ready for any attack.

As Alec flies towards the Rot, he can feel the new changes to his body. He knows himself, but when he looks down at his body it is hard to believe that a short time ago he was just a man. While he can feel his old self deep down, he can also feel his plant body. He remembers his past life, but he also knows all about the green now. Its like two people living in the same body. An impossible thing that he feels and understands. Alec Holland wants to get Abby back, and today he will unleash all of his fury onto Sethe and his forces.

Swamp Jesus dons a sword and shield and starts cutting through the armies of the Rot. If you remember last issue, I freaked out when he came out with wings. Now Swamp Jesus with his sword and shield is just…A-mazing!!! It gets pretty bloody, but it is awesome. As he cuts down the Rot, you can sense Sethe worrying. Yelling to his forces that Swamp Jesus is getting to close. Alec calls out for Abby, hoping that if she hears him, it might help here. However, it might be too late.

She looks similar to Sethe, but is all black. Alec tries to call out to her, hoping that it might trigger something. However it only triggers one thing, Abby stabbing Alec.

So even with his transformation, Alec’s feelings and hopes got in the way. He should have cut down Sethe when he had the chance. However, I don’t think this is the end. Alec will bounce back from this but I am unsure where the story will go. These past few issues have been fantastic and I am sure they will continue. Either way, Swamp Jesus is one of my new favorite characters ever.


One Response to “Smiting the rot all day long: A review of Swamp Thing #8”

  1. hafabee Says:

    Good review and I agree, Swamp Thing is definitely becoming one of my favourite comics, it’s just all around top notch story telling and art. Looking forward to seeing a Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover which is due to come out this summer!

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