Review of The Walking Dead #95

“The worst part of holding a cold spear all day is that you’re actually dying to use it.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Since James has expanded his reviews over to the Marvel side of things I figured I would branch out as well. So, I will be reviewing The Walking Dead series as well as some more that companies like Image and Dark Horse have to offer.

Now I gave up on the television show based on The Walking Dead. I find most of the charaters in the show annoying and the snail-like pacing of the second season made it unwatchable to me. The comic, however, I love. I am not going to do a recap on the 94 issues that preceded this one. I do HIGHLY recommend that you pick them up. The artwork is excellent and the writing pulls you in to a complex story line where realistic characters make difficult choices in a dangerous world.

SO, issue #95 is part three in the “A Larger World” story arc. This arc has a man calling himself Jesus visiting Rick and his group of survivors, making claims of a network of survivor communities. Rick had him subdued(no easy task) and tied up, if you had been what Rick has been through you probably would have done the same. Eventually, and in no small part due to Andrea and Carl’s advice, Rick decides to take a small group and investigate Jesus’ claims.

This issue begins with Rick and the others arriving at a walled in community with men armed with spears standing guard. There are children playing and there are plenty of farm animals and crops growing. Everything seems nice. They are introduced to Gregory, a kind looking gentleman who is the boss of this community, and he and Rick begin to get to know one another. Gregory seems nice enough and is quite proud of his little corner of the Earth.

They rush outside as they hear yelling. Apparently Gregory had sent three people to another community and only one, David, has returned. David claims that one man is dead and they have the woman hostage. David says he has a message, then he stabs Gregory in the stomach. He screams that the girl will die unless he kills Gregory. Rick, always eager to keep the peace, moves to subdue David. During the fight, Rick end up killing David. Rick stands up as the local medic is tending to Gregory and notices everyone staring at him with looks of shock.

I am guessing that the people of this community are not as used to killing humans as Rick and his bunch are. I mean everyone in his group that he brought with him has killed a living human before(Carl included). Not sure what this will mean for Rick or the alliance that seemed to be off to a good start. I think Rick made the right call stepping in, showing his worth and commitment to Gregory. I hope it works out for him, but I have found that no amount of hoping does anything to help Rick.

I really like this series, I especially like how it doesn’t get dull or repetitive. I mean this is not the first time Rick has gone into an established community of survivors, but each time is very different. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Governor situation.


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