How Murtha Reviews spends Easter

What the heck is that!?!?!? Continue to find out more!

What started as a simple conversation about Green Lantern titles quickly turned into a hair pulling debate about the timeline of the New 52.

Now here at Murtha Reviews, we have done our best to piece together a timeline of the New 52, but it really comes down to one thing. It doesn’t work. I mean by the end of the night we were using science from Doctor Who! But really this is the only way this works.

Now I am 98% sure that this is not what DC is doing, and this is what the should have done or I don’t even know anymore.

About is a picture of three timelines coming together and making one timeline. Now this is what happens at the end of Flashpoint, which ended right before the New 52. When coming home to his world/timeline, Barry Allen hears someone telling him about the timeline being split in three and now it needs to become one again.

Now this could work…but things still don’t add up. Both Barry Allen and Booster Gold knew and remembered the events on Flashpoint, but in the New 52, neither of them talk about it.

So here is what Karan thinks happened, Drew and I agree, and really, this is the only way DC could make things work and not completely shoot themselves in the face.

When the three timelines came together, different events got mixed up. So Guy Gardner and Martian Manhunter cannot know each other in a world that they would have to know each other.

It goes back to little characters that you don’t think matter all that much like Firestorm. Now you might not think about him a lot, but in a lot of oldĀ major events, he was there. Not to mention the role he played in Blackest Night/Brightest Day.

So what does this all come down to?

The way the New 52 timeline works is that it doesn’t work at all. When the three timelines came together, things became so jumbled that the heroes in the New 52 don’t see anything wrong.

Is that a good thing? Not at all. Does it work? Kinda. Is it what DC wants you to think? Probably not, they just didn’t think this through.


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