Review of Green Lantern Corps #8

“What took you so long to rub the blue glue outta your eyes and see I’m the one.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue starts of with the Alpha Lanterns being called to OA on a code GLD(Green Lantern Death?). The Alpha Lanterns were created by the Guardian as a sort of internal affairs division for the Green Lantern Corps. They are a blend of Manhunter technology and regular Green Lanterns. They are very strict and not very forgiving(at least they were pre-new 52). Once the five Alpha Lanterns are present they review footage of John killing Kirrt. IN case you missed in John killed Kirrt(a fellow Green Lantern) while they were being held prisoner by the Keepers. He did it to prevent Kirrt from giving up intel that would have doomed Oa. John and Vandor(the only Lanterns to witness the act) have told no one, not even Guy. Apparently the Alpha Lanterns have access to holographic records from Vandor and John’s rings. The Alpha Lanterns have agreed to bring John up on charges of murder.

Elsewhere on Oa, John and Guy are supervising the burial of the Yellow Power Battery(captured by Sinestro and Hal in Green Lantern #6). A task that Guy is none to happy about. Not because he has any love for the Sinestro Corps, but because he doesn’t trust Sinestro and he doesn’t like having the Yellow Battery on Oa. John has carefully carved out a hole and is having the other Lanterns lower it down. Guy loses his temper and knocks the Battery in on it’s side. This starts a fight between Guy and John, but the fight is cut short as Guy is called to appear before the Guardians.

Now Guy assumes that he is being called in for an ass chewing. So, in typical Guy Gardner fashion he flies in ready for a big confrontation. Instead the Guardians tell Guy they feel that he has been overlooked and underestimated for too long. After he is able to stop laughing the Guardians explain that over the years Guy has distinguished himself time after time. The Guardians are creating a new rank for Guy within the Corps, a “proactive command position”. He would answer to no one, but the Guardians themselves. Guy happily accepts and agrees to meet with the Guardians later to work out the details(dun dun dun).

Back at Warriors, Guy and John patch things up in a time honored way that many guys settle disputes. They have a beer and both admit that they were both a little out of line. Guy is about to tell John his big news when their is a disturbance in the bar. Apparently some mercenaries are refusing to check their weapons at the door. Guy offers to buy them a round to smooth things over, once a can is thrown at his head a “no rings” bar brawl ensues. The fight is broken up as the Alpha Lanterns show up to arrest John.

Part of the reason for my putting this review up late is because I was trying to decided what I thought of it. The Guardians are up to something, that much is certain. When you look at their behavior in the various Lantern books you see various clues. In Green Lantern #1 Ganthet is lombotomized, in issue #3 they discuss creating the “third army”(a force to replace the GLC just as they replaced the Manhuters). In new Guardians the Guardians lash out and attack Kyle as he asks them for help. In issue #5 of GLC we hear how they suddenly and with out apparent reason they withdrew the batteries from the Keepers. I am not sure what is wrong with them, it could be corruption from an outside force, or perhaps they have been alive for so long that they are going mad. I do know that at the moment their behavior seems odd and dangerous.

Then we have the whole Guy promotion issue. DO not get me wrong, I think that the Guardians are right. Guy has shown courage, leadership and sacrifice in his years of service to the Green Lantern Corps. What has me worried is the “we will need to work out further details”, that given the Guardians recent behavior does not sit well with me. The way they talk about it, it sounds like the chain of command would go Guardians, then Guy then everyone else(even Salaak, I really want to see them tell him that). As with so many things only time will tell.

I have never been a fan of the Alpha Lanterns. They were created at the same time that the Guardians allowed the rings to deliver lethal force. I mean I do agree with an internal affairs unit for the GLC, but sometimes the whole justice devoid of all emotion thing leads to poor judgement. Let’s look at John’s situation. He was being held captive and one of his fellow prisoners was about to give up information that would have put the Guardians, the Central Power Battery and every Green Lantern COrps member of Oa at risk. He made a judgement call. He killed a fellow Green Lantern. SO, on the surface he is guilty of taking a life in cold blood. However if he had not done it many more could have died. John did what he did for the same reason he has made countless choices in his life, to save lives. Of course, the Alpha Lanterns use logic and zero emotion(they think it clouds judgment).

One more thing, while the no-rings bar fight looked great, it did spark one question in my mind. Why are mercs on Oa? Have the Guardians started contracting work out? I mean Saint Walker(one of the nicest guys you will ever meet) is banned, but big, rude mercenaries are allowed on Oa, and in Warriors?


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