Holy busy week Batman!

It is late, I don’t feel like playing WoW, and I just made my list for the week so I thought I would share just so you can have a heads up.

Find out what I am reviewing this week

From DC I have:

  • Justice League Dark #8
  • Flash #8
  • Teen Titans #8
  • Savage Hawkman #8
  • Aquaman #8

From Marvel I have:

  • Avengers vs X-Men: Versus #1 (AvX tie-in)
  • Daredevil #11
  • FF #17
  • New Avengers #25 (AvX tie-in)
  • Secret Avengers #26 (AvX tie-in)
  • Uncanny X-men #11 (AvX tie-in)
  • X-Men Legacy #265

Now there are a few video games and TV shows I have been meaning to start reviewing. But since May is on the rise I think it will be a good idea to give a heads up for D3 reviews. I keep meaning to play the Beta but never get around to it. Also I have the Mist of Pandaland Beta but again haven’t had much time for it.

I should also note the Daredevil review will be a review of the whole Omega Effect crossover. I will likely do the same thing for the End of Earths arc for Amazing Spider-Man.

Enjoy, and again, your support and views mean a lot to us.

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