I FOUND HIM! A review of Teen Titans #8

The Teen Titans may have been on a mission to save Superboy but in doing so have gotten themselves captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.


Post contains spoilers

So the Teen Titans are in trouble and this time I am not sure how they will get out of it. They find themselves caught in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s grasp again and one by one are being pulled apart by a girl named Omen. She controls the mind and bends it to break you. One by one she picks through the Titans showing their darkest secrets and their greatest fears. Now I just want to add that Red Robin will be seen in the Night of Owls in The Dark Knight title. Now when Red Robin is shown his greatest fear by Omen, he seems to start becoming an actually bird. I have to wonder if this has any connection to Night of Owls. As of right now it seems unclear when this is happening. Drew and I were able to find out that Titans happens before Batman takes place, at least at first.

In an attempt to save Red Robin, the team starts to fight. It isn’t until Solstice steps in that the team gets their heads together. She tells the team that she has been here before and they only way to avoid Omen is death. Even with his defeat, Red Robin is still trying to figure out a way for his team to beat N.O.W.H.E.R.E. but he is sent away and Omen picks her next target, Wonder Girl.

Omen tells her that for some reason, Harvest had her capture as one of his highest priorities. We also find that Cassie is not a metahuman at all. It is her invisible armor that grants her powers and also we saw that the Lariat can drain life. However, we find out that it is also draining hers. Cassie made a huge sacrifice to save someone. Next comes Skitter with a very cryptic message. When Omen separates Celine from her Skitter, Celine tries to warn that if the two are not connected life on Earth is doomed. This means nothing to Omen as she relishes in the joy of digging through the Titan’s secrets.

Cassie wakes up to find herself and Skitter alone in a room bound to a table. Red Robin is also there but free. He tells Cassie to wait and that he is going back to stop Omen and find out what is really happening. Due to Omen’s powers, for all he knows none of this could be happening. Elsewhere Omen turns her eyes to Kid Flash while Solstice tries to calm Bunker who is clearly losing it. He snaps at her for not telling them of Omen and what N.O.W.H.E.R.E. really does sooner. She explains that even though she got out with Kid Flash, she never really left and that all those things stuck with her. The quickly make up and can only sit there and wait.

Now Kid Flash is Kid Flash, meaning he goes into this whole thing with a smile on his face. He warns Omen that his powers have been acting up and she should watch herself, but she takes no heed of his warning. As she tries to dig into his mind and is shocked at what she finds. What she finds seems to be layer and layer of something keep things hidden. Omen points out that his odd visions and memories are possibly connected to his fight with Superboy. As she goes at his mind again she is met with more feedback and Kid Flash is able to break free. Grabbing Solstice and Bunker, he makes a run for it.

As he runs Bunker is shot and possibly killed. Before they have time to think, they are surrounded. Solstice tells them that they are the Vanguard which is Harvest’s private army and short of the Ravagers they are the cruelest people you will find. Kid Flash turns to run but Solstice is shot and he is soon after. He wakes up to find Wonder Girl freeing him from the table he is on. As they talk, Red Robin makes his way back to Omen to find her having her way with Bunker. Red Robin jumps at Omen and strikes her with a possible killing blow. Then he wakes up on the table.

Red Robin never left, he only thought he did. In fact none of them were ever free. It was all a dream really, now Harvest will have his “new Ravagers” sent to the colony. I can only wonder a few things. Where is Superboy in all of this? Also we don’t have to wait for too long to find out some answers! Teen Titans Annual #1 comes out next week and is part one of the Culling Crossover!

Ok so here it is! I found him!

Now if you have been following Birds of Prey or read my review of Birds of Prey #8 you have been wondering about Black Canary’s husband who she killed. Who is he? Why did she kill him? why did no one know about him? Well I found out where to start!

In this issue there is a cut away to two people looking at the boat that Solstice had to destroy to save Kid Flash during the fight with Superboy. One of these people is Amanda Waller…the other…IS KURT LANCE.

That is right Kurt Lance isn’t dead but he is working on some kind of metahuman project. They talk about how metahumans are being younger and younger and Kurt points out that Amanda only cares and sees them as recruits for her Suicide Squad! But she claims that she has changed since the Team 7 days.

So Kurt is alive, but then why does Black Canary think she killed him and were they really husband and wife? Who knows when will find out. But we have something else to look at, Team 7. Now as far as I know the only other mention of Team 7 if from Steve Trevor in Justice League #8 where his new assistant points out he was on that team. But that is classified.

Darn you DC! Not only can I not make sense of your timeline but then you add things like this! And what is the deal with Pandora! I need to know!

Sigh, regardless, I can not wait for the Culling. Teen Titans is one of my favorite titles DC has out right now. I recommend picking it up.


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