Nice birdy, pretty birdy: A review of Birds of Prey

Now Birds of Prey is getting a little hard to follow to be honest. It is hard to tell what DC is trying to do with this title. I am hoping their role in Night of Owls helps establish their role in the New 52. The team is a fun and interesting mix but the plot has been going nowhere.

Post contains spoilers

In Birds of Prey #7 things started looking good for the team. They had found “Choke’ and could put this whole mess behind them. That was until he turned them against each other. Now the team seemed broken at the end of #7, Ivy was possible dying and Black Canary got into a fight with just about everyone. #8 seems like a huge jump. It starts a whole new arc that is hard to follow.

The issue opens with a crime scene in the Cornwell Hotel in Gotham. From the scene of the crime it seems only one thing could have killed this man, a Canary Cry. The surrounding rooms had their windows shattered and people thought there might be an earthquake. But Gangemi knows better, Dinah Lance is behind this.

Jump to the present. Black Canary, Batgirl, and Katana are in a flaming hotel room. They had come here on a tip about a murder and it seems to be a trap from Canary’s past. Before they have a real chance to get out they are attacked from all sides. They are attacked by four men plus a hologram. The first is a man named Napalm who seems to want Poison Ivy dead, but she is nowhere to be seen this issue. The next is an Asian man whose skin can not be cut who has possible connections to Katana’s past. Out on the balcony Batgirl fights a man who can not be knocked out. Whoever theses guys are, they have studied all of the Birds moves. Black Canary offers herself for the others freedom but instead has a collar slapped on her neck. Not only can she not canary cry, but she can hardly breathe. Things are looking very bad.

Things pick back up when Batgirl jumps in and changes dance partners. Katana manages to knock her opponent through the floor giving Canary and Batgirl the time to run for it. They don’t get far before they are under attack again. Now even though she can’t canary cry, Black Canary is still skilled in a fight. However, Katana has a plan, she drops Napalm down an elevator shaft and he blows up a good chunk of the building giving the Birds time to run. They are able to get Canary’s collar off and they try to run. However she can not lie to them any longer. They have risked their lives and freedom to save her and she has to come clean. She was not framed. Three years ago she killed her Husband.

During this issue Starling goes to find out more about Black Canary’s past. She is finding it hard to believe that her best friend was married and killed her husband and she never even knew. She is not alone in her search and runs into a man who I am guessing works with the people after Canary and the others. He tells her and hands her a record that confirms that Black Canary killed her husband three years ago.

Ok so. Justice Leagues right now is happening in the present and started with a five-year flashback. Night of Owls is happening during Birds of Prey #9 alongside other Bat-family books and Justice League #8. Which means most heroes had a were out and about during the time she killed her husband. Now that means if she has been a hero, before or since then SOMEONE must know about her husband. I mean Batgirl, Starling, and Katana did not know about him at all or that she was ever married. Hell, see is in Gotham, you can not tell me Batman does not have a tab on everything she has done. It just seems to be another thing in the New 52 that doesn’t add up. Move this to the Earth 3 theory(Coming soon!)

Sorry I got a little flustered there. Just got back from a chat with Drew and Karan about the whole thing. We might have to wait for next issue to find out, or longer since Night of Owls is next month.


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