Coming for Hawkman: A review of Savage Hawkman #8

Now Hawkman has been having a rough time as of late, with unleashing a zombie horde on New York City, but again the day was saved and he could start enjoying life again. That is until he comes under attack again.

Post contains Spoilers

Now Hawkman ran into Askana, an alien shapeshifter, in the start of his new run. They didn’t get off to a great start so when she attacks him as he watches the sun rise over New York is isn’t happy about it. When it becomes clear she isn’t holding back, he stops holding back and quickly takes her out. However, turns out she needs help. Since she did help him stop Morphicius he hears her out. She claims that people from her home world are on Earth and looking for her for a crime she did not commit. Hawkman is ready to walk away and leave her but in the end decides to help her out.

Before heading back out to meet up with Askana, Hawkman checks on Emma and her father. It seems likes her father’s memory has been getting worse and worse. Or at least it seems it might be, she tells Carter that is hard to tell because it comes and goes so often. Emma does note that he has been spending long hours studying the alien sample Carter brought in. He reminds her of how dangerous that can be if something were to get out. So I feel like that won’t be the last we hear of that. With that, Carter suits up and heads out to meet with Askana.

Askana has found her hunters and her and Carter are about to attack when she says something that caught my eye. She says she can feel the hatred Carter has for almost everything. But it is masking something even deeper then just hatred. Now as far as I know DC has not said anything about what Hawkman’s origins are in the New 52. Is he a reincarnation? Alien? or is it a whole new story? In issue #1 he has been Hawkman but we are not sure for how long nor how he got the Nth metal suit. So maybe this is hinting at his past? However, in issue #4, Walker, who is an alien calls him Kartar Hol. So who knows?

Before Hawkman and Askana can make a plan, the hunters find them on the rooftop. Once the fighting starts one thing becomes clear, Askana is not their target. They quickly toss her aside and focus their attacks on Hawkman. So Carter does what he does best, kick some major ass. Say what you will about this title, but the new look for Hawkman is badass and in most issue he does do some real damage. Those Nth metal weapons are so awesome.

Hawkman is done with the hunters in the blink of an eye and turns to Askana for answers. They were never after her and Hawkman had been the target all along. She tells him that they were agents of the High Council sent to Earth to find who released Morphicius from his prison. Askana tries to shift the blame onto Dr. Kane who made a deal to turn Hawkman over but Carter won’t hear it. He is done being soft, if they want to send more let them, he will kick their asses too.

I hope we get some more info on Carter’s background soon. Maybe when the #0 hit? But those are months away! I did hear that Hawkgirl would be seen on Earth 2 but seeing how DC has been doing the New 52 that has little to do with Hawkman.


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