Lots to look forward to

There is a lot coming out this week and I am not traveling or doing anything on Wednesday or Thursday(other than reading and reviewing comics). I do have plans for Friday.

Ever since I first heard of DC’s New 52 I asked one question; “What about the JSA?”. I have been a big JSA fan for years, and I was a little disappointed when I saw that the only JSA representation in the New 52 were Hawkman and Mr Terrific. I like the characters, but I wanted to see Jay, Alan, Ted (Flash, Green Lantern and Wildcat, try to keep up), Hourman, Dr. Fate, and the rest. Alright I could do without Mr. America. I was VERY excited to hear that one of the new titles of the Second Wave was Earth 2, featuring the Justice Society of America. It will also be the first time that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been part of a the JSA in years(The original Earth 2 Batman died WAY back, like pre-crisis).

This week is also the first appearances of Dial H, G.I. Combat and World’s Finest. OH, we also get to see the Night of Owls pick up in Batwing #9 and Detective Comics #9.

Action Comics #9, Green Arrow #9, JLI #9 amd Red Lanterns #9 are also released this week and those are just the DC titles. In Marvel the Avengers vs X-Men mini-series continues as well as Venom #17 and others that I am sure James will review.

Speaking of Marvel, this Friday the Avengers movie is released in theaters. I am pretty excited about seeing it.

Now it has not been decided by the fine, intelligent people here at Murtha Reviews who will be reviewing what. I mean I will almost definitely be doing Detective Comics and Action Comics, and I called Dibs on Earth 2, months ago. James usually handles the Marvel stuff, and we always encourage Karen to chip in(leave her comments, she likes feedback).

Like I said earlier there is a lot to look forward to. Also I would like to thank all of our loyal readers(and our occasional readers) for giving us another record month. We will keep writing and we hope you keep reading.

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