Who you gonna call? A review of Dial H #1

So it is May! That means the second wave of the New 52 is here! Now we will be reviewing all of the #1 and reviewing them and from there we will pick ones to follow. Right now I want to tell you all about Dial H, a title I was not sure about, but after reading the #1 I am really interested to see where it goes from here. I would pick it up if I were you.

Post contains spoilers

Meet Nelse, a very out of shape guy who just isn’t thrilled about life. He lost the job and the girl, in short he used to be someone but now he is going nowhere. He is always smoking and eating junk. Not to mention that he is not even 30 and has hard a heart attack. His friend Darren is worried about him, but there is only so much someone can do for a friend. At some point it is up to the other person to get help. Darren storms out and Nelse just taunts him.

Realizing that he has been an ass, Nelse heads out to apologize to Darren, but Darren is about to be in a world of hurt. Nelse turns to corner to see Darren getting beat by a couple of thugs. He is knocked down to the ground and gets up and tries to call for help on a telephone booth and that is when it all happens.

In a flash of light, Nelse is gone and Boy Chimney is the only one there. Now Boy Chimney is if Jack Skeleton lived in 1800 England. Well at least as far as looks go. It takes Nelse a minute to figure out what has happen. It is hard to follow at first, whether Boy Chimney is someone else or Nelse. But regardless he controls all the smoke in the city. He can feel it, taste it, see it. He becomes overwhelmed with excitement and almost forgets about Darren. He grabs him and starts to run off to a hospital. However, before he leaves he lets the thugs go, he is not a killer.

He gets Darren to a hospital and starts to head back home. However whatever happen has worn off and Nelse falls to the ground. When he comes around the sun is coming up over Littleville. He heads off to check on Darren. elsewhere a man is on the phone with X.N., the man who is responsible for the attack on Darren. They talk about a girl named Manteau who has also been giving them trouble. But Boy Chimney is something new. He needs backup and he is getting it.

Back at the hospital, Darren is recovering and explains things to Nelse. He works for some bad people and he was not where he should have been at that is how they deal with that kind of thing. Nelse leaves his friend to recover and tries to go find out what he dialed to summon Boy Chimney. He tries different things like chimney, help, and safe. None of them work, but when he dials if so something happens. However he is not Boy Chimney, he is something new. It is not smoke that he feeds on but misery and it is everywhere in this city.

He comes to the man who runs Darren with a message, leave Darren Hisch alone. Meet Captain Lachrymose, if the emo kids had a capped hero he would be it. Now misery is not only what he gets his power from but he also makes you remember your worst memories. With each tear he grows in power. However he is attack by an elderly woman. She is empty, no emotion in her at all. She spits black goo at him but he ends up just knocking her to the ground. After getting his message across  he rips the wall open and leaves.

Once he can get some control over himself, he puts the call into X.N. He claims he will take care of everything. He is to move location and let him handle the rest. He plans to kill Darren and see if this mystery man gets his message. Nelse can only think about the telephone booth. Each time he uses it he stays like that for a few hours. He just dials ‘if so’ but there is nothing special about the number 4376, but it spells something else other than ‘if so’ it also spells ‘hero’

So I will be following this one and I talked to Drew a little bit ago and he enjoyed it too. It is an interesting concept for a hero. I loser going nowhere finds a magic telephone booth that transformers him into different heroes. I can’t wait to see what DC does with this one. Best thing is that it is new so it can’t mess up the timeline….I hope…


One Response to “Who you gonna call? A review of Dial H #1”

  1. Nice review Murtha! H is a very interesting book, not sure where it’s going to go, but I also recommended it.

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