Let there be green! A review of Swamp Thing #9

Abigail has been taken by Sethe and the Rot. If Swamp Thing doesn’t do something soon he might not have a chance to save her.

Post contains spoilers

At the end of last issue we saw Abby break out of her cocoon in her new form. While Alec had hoped to reach out to her she seemed gone and stabbed him through the chest. If Alec doesn’t act quickly he might find himself dead again. Alec is dying and is clipped of his wings(NO SWAMP JESUS!) and despite it all he still doesn’t strike her. He just keeps trying to reach her. Just as things start to look like it’s over Alec tells Abby to wake up. Something happens and she falls to the ground, turns out Alec had a plan all along..sort of..

Alec starts listing off all the things that made Abby herself. How she was a nurse and carried for others and liked Spring more than Fall or how foxfire makes bayous glow at night. Then it all comes back to the canned peaches. Before she took the canned peaches from Alec, he added something of his own, some vanilla from orchid seeds. While they are one of the smallest seeds in all of the green, they are also hard to find or kill. With these tiny seeds Alec is able to bring Abby back and she breaks free from the monster.

At this Sethe snaps. You know things are getting bad when the main villain snaps and goes into a rage. Alec is already pretty beat up from his fight with Abby and doesn’t have much fight left. He starts throwing everything he has at Alec and there is not much he can do to fight back. Even with freeing Abby he might be unable to save the world. Again when all seems lost, Abby comes into play. It seems the Green has changed her, she now has flowers growing from her body and black lines that look like branches on her body.

The would be queen of the Rot challenges Sethe and stops him in his tracks. One by one she starts snapping Sethe’s bones and his minions can do nothing but watch as there master is destroyed. Despite Abby’s change her brother is still loyal to Sethe and simply sits there and cries over the body of his former lord. No matter how long it takes he will get him back and they will take Abby down together. With Sethe defeated Abby searches for Alec with is pretty beat up at this point. Together the two leave, finally together and accepting their fate together. It seems that Swamp Thing finally has a happy ending..or is it..

William still sits there talking with his fallen lord. It seems that Sethe and the rot still have an ace in the hole. The time has come to unleash their own warrior, someone who Abby and Alec have both dealt with in the past. It is time for Anton Arcane to make his return!

So after 9 amazing issues Alec is finally Swamp Thing, he gets the girl, and saves the world. But I wonder how Anton will play into the upcoming arc. Another thing is Abby’s new form, she seems like a hybrid between the Green and the Rot. What kind of power will she have and will she stay like that?

Regardless I still want to see the Swamp Thing-JLD crossover. I will say this, Swamp Thing is one of my favorite titles out there.


2 Responses to “Let there be green! A review of Swamp Thing #9”

  1. Benuben Says:

    Speaking of JLD, doyou think it is possible that Black Orchid is actualy Abby?

    • skychaserr Says:

      I didn’t really think about that until just now. It seems like it could fit. Thank you for pointing that out. It will be something we will have to look out for.

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