Time to go home: A review of Green Arrow #9

I have not been thrilled with this arc but I love Ollie and I have to at least try to enjoy Green Arrow knowing it might get better soon.

Post contains spoilers

So last issue Ollie and his Skylark went after Leer’s bear. First they needed to get away from Leer and the other Skylarks and second they couldn’t leave that bear hybrid out in the wild. Sadly it seems that Ollie has lost track of the bear and in this wasteland, almost everything looks the same. He finally gets some luck when they run into some locals. They are looking for “big white” and they don’t mean Leer’s bear but Leer himself. When Skylark starts to get sick, Ollie heads up to Old Crow but is warned that the miners don’t take kindly to anyone.

Elsewhere, Leer is already planning to take down Green Arrow and unless his monsters into the wild. One of the Skylarks heads out to replace her sister to trick Green Arrow. Back in Old Crow Ollie find Leer’s bear chained up in front of the saloon. Where you can pay 1 dollar to get it drunk. Once inside it doesn’t take long for Ollie to start a fight. Can’t really blame him thought, the miners were going to hang him for spitting in the bar. Once he kicks everyone’s butt, he makes them a deal. He will get Leer off the mountain so they can go back to mining and he will just take the bear off their hands. They all agree and Ollie gets Skylark a room so she can rest.

While she rests Ollie heads back down to the saloon to have a drink. He has a plan for Leer. One that involves a lot of dynamite. Back in the room one of the Skylark sisters sneaks in and drugs her sister. She will be awake the whole time but unable to move and she won’t remember it later. And of course Ollie can’t tell its one of the other Skylarks and just gets down to doing the dirty. And the whole time his Skylark is lying awake under the bed.

The next day Ollie and Skylark head out to find Leer by using underground tunnels he has all over the place. Turns out Skylark drew him the map last night but she doesn’t remember doing any of it(Because she didn’t you fool!) Once they come through the last hatch, Leer and the other two Skylarks are waiting. Ollie doesn’t have time to think and blames his Skylark for tricking him again. Before he kind find out who is telling the truth, Leer and the Skylarks attack. He is able to take down the sisters easily enough but Leer packs a power punch. Just when things start looking grim the dynamite goes off and the mountain starts to come down. Just in time too, Naomi is here to pick up Ollie.

Leer commands his daughters to come with him even though they will be buried in the snow. The two loyal sisters turn and leave their father. Ollie’s Skylark begs to come with him. However after saying he will take her but not keep her since he can’t trust her she throws herself in with her father. The next thing becomes a blur to Ollie. Naomi tries to fill in Ollie on everything that has happened. Like the mountain, things back home have started to fall apart. He lost the company, there is a new arrow in town. He tries explaining his story to her but it comes out sounding like crazy talk. I feel like this is not the end of Leer or the Skylark sisters.

Now I am glad that arc is over. Sure three beautiful triplets is awesome but it just seemed so out-of-place for Green Arrow once they got to Leer’s home. Plus there seems to be huge gaps between each issue. At the end of one he is tied up the next he has been let go and is running in the wild.

But the REAL question is, who is the other arrow? Is it Roy? That might help(Or make worse) the timeline. Or are we going to see a new character? Either way I am hoping that Green Arrow starts to get better. It started off so well but this last arc just wasn’t doing it for me.


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