Well, that was awesome: A review of Marvel’s The Avengers

So today the Avengers movie came out in the states. I went to a midnight showing last night with some friends of mine and the movie was pretty fantastic if you ask me(And you are if you are reading this)

Post contains spoilers and thoughts on the movie.

So if it is one thing Marvel has been doing right in the past few years it has been their movies. The Ironman, Captain America, and Thor movies were all huge hits and even the newest Hulk was pretty good(From what I heard, never saw it) So why not put all those money makes into one movie. People love seeing different heroes together. And the movie does not disappoint.

The movie focuses on Loki coming back to Earth for an artifact called the Tesseract better known as the blue glowing cube from the Captain America movie. After taking it Nick Fury gathers members he wanted for the Avengers before the plan got canned. Together they try to find Loki and get the cube back. Loki however starts to turn the team together and even takes control of Hawkeye for almost half the movie. There is a lot of hero on hero fight scenes in the movie including

  • Hulk vs Black Widow
  • Hulk vs Thor
  • Thor vs Ironman- Captain America
  • Hawkeye vs. Black Widow

And I am sure more that are slipping my mind. However just when things are getting dark, the team comes together over the death of a character and take the fight to Loki working as a team. It is actually pretty cool to see them all start working together. There is awesome montage of them all fighting during the big fight in New York.

The main fight in the movie takes place in New York City ( Of course it does, this is a Marvel movie) with the Avengers fighting the alien race known as theĀ Chitauri. Now I know almost nothing about them but I know the movie ones differ from those seen in the comics, which is not surprising.

However the movies is very well done, as a lot of little moments that will have your roaring with laughter as well as moments that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. I strongly recommend that you go out and see it for yourself, it is worth the money.

My only complaint is the Hulk vs Loki scene. Hulk just picks him up and smashes him back and forth on the ground. I get that it is the Hulk and smashing is what he does but it just felt weak to me. That Loki has been going blow for blow with everyone the whole movie and then they Hulk plays with him like a rag doll? It might just be me because I will say it, I am not a huge fan of Hulk or Hawkeye. I just don’t enjoy the characters all that much.

I will say this though, they do a good job with movie Hulk for the most part. I could see him getting his own movie again..maybe…

But really go out and see it for yourself. I am pretty sure Drew was going out today to see it and will post his thoughts soon.


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