Review of Action Comics #9

“What makes you so different?”

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue offers up something a little different. Where the first 8 issues of Action Comics showed us the early career of Earth 1 Superman, in issue #9 we see the Superman of Earth 23. Earth 23 seems to be very similar to Earth 1, except that all the super heroes(except Batman) seem to be black people. Not sure if this is actually the case since half of the heroes shown are black on Earth 1 also(Vixen, Cyborg, Steel). We also get a change in artist, Gene Ha taking over for Rags Morales. The artwork has a different feel to it which is quite appropriate given that the story takes place on an alternate Earth.

The story, which was also well written, first tells a tale of a Lois Lane(from yet another alternate Earth) who is being chased by the Superman of her Earth. The day is of course saved and we even get to get a glimpse of Earth 2’s Justice League. We then see a story which was excellent in my opinion. First of all not only is Superman Superman, but his secret identity(Calvin Ellis) is the President of the United States of America. It gets pointed out to him by Nubia, Earth 23’s Wonder Woman, that he is a mass of contradictions. He stands for truth and justice,when legally he can’t be President and by the way they are having this conversation after eliminating a foreign governments nuclear program. He did it for the “greater good” but he did violate several international laws to do it.

It really is a dangerous situation. I have written before about superheroes good intentions and what happens if they feel they are doing the right thing and the common man disagrees. Being the most powerful meta on the planet AND being the leader of the free world is a LOT of power for even the most well intentioned person to have. As they say “power corrupts”.

I did really enjoyed this issue and I hope to see more of Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth 23, in the future.


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