Matt Murdock, the Datedevil: A review of Daredevil #12

So Daredevil lived after everything that happened the Omega Effect. But he still have the drive and that still makes me a target. So what does he do? The man goes on a date! Truly a man without fear!

Post contains spoilers

So Kirsten McDuffie is the new assistant D.A. and she is on a date with Matt Murdock. Now like I said, we just got done with the Omega Effect and now that he kept the drive he is still a target. Lets not forget that he completely took down Black Spectre, they can’t be happy about that. So why not go on a date, what is the worst that could happen? Right? Maybe? I don’t know…

So to be fair, Kirsten blindfolds herself to put herself in Matt’s shoes. Now she doesn’t know that he can actually see pretty well for a blind guy. He might be blind but his accident left him with enhanced senses. But actually most of New York, including, Kirsten, think Matt is Daredevil and fakes his blindness. They is even a panel where she wrote “You are Daredevil” on her bra.

Now Daredevil might be the man without fear, but that doesn’t make him stupid. He knows that Megacrime is still going to be after Daredevil and they are going to think Matt Murdock is Daredevil. So he gets Spider-Man to watch his back while he is on the date, just in case. Now Matt think he sees Spider-Man keeping an eye on him, but it someone from Black Specktre.

Matt goes on to tell Kirsten the story of how and his best friend Foggy. How when they first met, Matt hated him. He actually got the nickname Foggy from being the human foghorn. He goes on to tell them the story when they had to take on Professor York who was known for being cruel to students and he took out a lot of that out on Foggy. He even framed him for cheating, that is until Matt took the case himself and proved him wrong. After that the two remanded close friends.

Just as the night is about to come to an end, it all comes crumbling down. The new Black Spectre is coming for Matt and Daredevil. It seems Spider-Man’s attention has been thrown elsewhere and he is alone in this fight. So just when it seemed like he would have a night off, he gets a threat from the new Black Spectre.

Now I started in on Daredevil around #9 and I have to say I love it. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes from here.


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