Round 3! Fight! A review of Avengers vs X-men #3

So things have been building up and even though Hope has gotten away, Captain America and his team have taken most of the X-men into custody.

Post contains spoilers

Wolverine wakes up, still growing back his skin and is not happy about it. Spider-man is waiting there for him and fills him in on what happened. Wolverine doesn’t seem to mad about Hope getting away, but gets really worried once he hears that Cyclops and the others gave themselves up. However he might be too late already.

As Iron Man and Captain America talk about how they are going to handle things, Doctor Strange shows up with Magik and hands her over to Cyclops and his people. Just then Wolverine comes rushing out towards the X-men but Cap stops him, trying to explain they gave up but Wolverine sees through the lie. That is not Doctor Strange.

The bad part is that he is right, before they can stop them Magik ports all of them out of there and it is revealed that Magik had taken out Doctor Strange and was posing as him. Now they don’t have Hope of Cyclops but what they do have it a lot of angry mutants.

Cyclops and his people arrive on Long Beach and try to figure out a plan on action. It becomes clear that if they are going to want to find Hope, they will need Cerebra. However the only working one is at the Jean Grey school. It is time to find some sympathizers within the school. Back in San Francisco, Hope is hard at work covering her tracks.

At Avengers Tower Wolverine and Captain America contact Rachel Grey who was using Cerebra to track Hope. The only problem is that she is showing up at five different spots. It seems whatever she was working on has started to work. She has sent they the cords to all five locations but that is all she can do. It turns out that she has also given them to someone else though. When she gets off the call she links up with Scott and lets him know that the Avengers are on the move.

Now that they have five ideas on where Hope might be, Captain America divides up his people and sends them on their way. Once in the air Captain America and Wolverine get into it. Captain America wants to trust Wolverine but he has already run off on his own once. Wolverine also plans to kill Hope. He has seen what the Phoenix Force can do and he will not watch it happen again. However, Captain America does not like killing. The two come to blows.

Now both Wolverine and Captain America are awesome, but if you asked me who would win in a fight I would have no idea. And I mean they really get into it. Things start to get really bloody and Captain America has no choice, he drops Wolverine out of the plane. With that, Wolverine gives up on both teams and heads out on his own. They might not like it, but he needs to end this. There is no other way. Hope Summers has to die.

Now things are really starting to pick up. Before it was great but now it is awesome. We are seeing teammates turn against each other and everything thinks they are right and at the same time they have no idea what to do. I think this might come down to Hope and how she handles it all. Either way it will be awesome!

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