Revenge across the stars: A review of Red Lanterns #9

So in the middle of the new civil war going on between the Red Lanterns, a new member from Earth came along with the death of their Central Power Battery. Things are not looking good.

Post contains spoilers

On the planet Sarff Minor, Bleez continues her wave of revenge. She hopes that Atrocitus will hear of her work and leave Ysmault and it will give her a chance to take true power of the corps. But back on Ysmault another problem grows that needs his attention. Jack Moore has arrived on the planet and Red Lanterns are dying. Most of them think the two are linked and things look bad for Jack. While Zilius believes the causes of the weakness to be Jack, Atrocitus points out that the Central Power Battery has come under attack.

It is clear that while Atrocitus was knocked out, Abysmus attacked the Central Power Battery. But before he can act, Bleez and her troops arrive back on Ysmault. As the two sides meet, they break out in battle. Jack looks around him at the mindless and blind rage of these new monsters.

Jack calls out for them to stop and soon the planet itself starts to come apart. He explains that even though the battery has been attacked and that Red Lanterns are dying, they still fight. However, the bit about the Central Power Battery catches Bleez’ attention. She is filled in about Abysmus and his attack on the Central Power Battery. If they do not do something soon, the battery will die and so will they. As they talk Jack sneaks away. Once he is a good distance away, he tries to take of his ring.

Has it is about to come off his finger, he feels a sharp pain and the truth sinks in. Whether he likes it or not, he needs the ring to live. He comes to terms with it all. If he has any chance of continuing to live at all, it is with the Red Lanterns.

Back on Hummb, Abysmus and his people try to help some suffering children. But they are scared of him and his looks. He tells them the truth, that he actually can’t feel a thing. However, that was his flaw when Atrocitus made him all those years ago. He could feel and had empathy and that is not what he needed. Over the years the soil of Ysmault sucked that way and now he is empty. But he works for new masters, and soon he shall have his reward.

Back on Ysmault, Atrocitus tries to rally his troops. While he does not like it, they only have way of fixing any of this. They must leave Ysmault. The planet itself is now dying and there is only one way to possibly cure the Central Power Battery. They must unmask their true enemy and kill them. Only with that true vengeance will they have a chance of healing it.

While Bleez thinks the Star Sapphires are behind this, Atrocitus says that he alone will go after Abysmus. For this is just a slight set back. When a Red Lantern first is given a ring, they die, but do not meet death. They continue on and this time will be no different. They will not rest until whoever is behind this attack is dealt with. They will have their revenge.

Now there are two things I want to point out. When Bleez is on Sarff Minor, she wonders why no one there got a ring and it go me thinking. Drew and I have talked about this but it is odd that humans on Earth do not get rings as often. I mean you see in Blackest Night how quickly a replacement can be found. I wonder if there is so limit or something like that we do not know of. I find it odd that there are four Green Lanterns from Earth and we are just now seeing a Red Lantern from Earth.

Also Jack is able to make ring constructs while that is not normally a power a Red Lantern has. That is something we should be watching out for. Regardless it s a great issue and I am really waiting for a GL family crossover. There is a lot of things that need to be talked about. Like what the hell the Guardians are doing.



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