Harvest is here! A review of Legion Lost #9

Now I almost over looked this since I forgot that Legion Lost had its own title. But here we are with part 3 of the Culling! Harvest has shown himself and this will be the toughest fight for both teams yet.

Post contains spoilers

So the Titans/Legion had defeated the other kids of the Culling with only one death. Then they had defeated the Ravagers with only one death. However, now they must face Harvest himself. Now he might look super cool but he is totally evil. Or so they think! And the question still is, who is Harvest and what is his end game?

Now they all might have a telepathic link with each other but that won’t stop them from charging head on. A lot of the Titans have been dealing with Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Bunker makes the mistake of going straight for Harvest before they even know what he can do and it almost costs him his life. While they have to deal with Harvest, they still need to get all the other kids out. Dawnstar, Gates, Chameleon Girl, and Bunker all head out to find a way out. Thunder, Lightning, Beast Boy and Terra also join the group for a way out. However, Ridge is following them.

Chameleon Girl does not go with them, she heads straight for Harvest, claiming she answers to a higher authority. She is working for a group called Echo it would seem. He even knows her true name. He also seems to know where Kid Flash came from. They can not break into his mind, but it seems he already had broken theirs. It makes you wonder just how many things can Harvest do?

He talks of Occam’s Razor, which could possibly explain his knowledge of the future. Also he claims that it was not by chance that the Legion came here, but it was his doing. Elsewhere team 2 is still looking for a way out. They did not realize just how deep down they were in the Earth. As they look for a way out, Caitlin Fairchild was looking for a way in. She used to work for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. until they turned against her. Before they can really talk, they are attacked by Rose Wilson. Caitlin sends Thunder and Lightning away and fights Rose solo. Bunker and Gates continue to fight N.O.W.H.E.R.E. worker that is until Gates sees something that blows his mind. It seems he found a Time Bubble.

Back in the Crucible the other team continues to fight Harvest. He tries to tell the heroes that he is only trying to save the future. But who would believe that? The guy kidnaps teens and makes them fight to the death! It seems that no matter what they try to say, it just gets turned on them. No matter what they think, it seems that Harvest has just been pulling the stings. The question is whether it is true?

On the upper levels Gates, Bunker, and the others run into the time bubble to escape N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s base. Rose and Caitlin continue to fight and just as Rose is about to kill her, Ridge shows up and saves her. He talks about how much he hated this place and wants to leave. He follows Caitlin on her way out. Back bellow the heroes can not even get past Harvest’s null field. When all other hope seems lost, Wildfire tries the unthinkable. He gets Tellus to surround him and Harvest in a shield and opens his armor and blast Harvest. It seems like it might have worked, but Harvest just traps all the energy and pushes it back onto Wildfire. It unclear if he lives or not, but it does seem clear that if they do not bow to Harvest, they might have the same fate.

So holy crap that was awesome. I really don’t know how they are going to explain Harvest. He seems to know so much and be so powerful. Plus what did Gates and the others use the time bubble for? And what are Caitlin and Ridge planning? I guess we have to wait for Teen Titans #9 and after that Ravagers #1. Either way I love it and it is going to be awesome. I strongly recommend picking this crossover up.


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