Meet the Ravagers: A review of Superboy #9

Now Superboy is not in my normal lineup, but this is The Culling we are talking about!

Post contains spoilers

So last week we saw The Culling in Teen Titans Annual #1. Now it was action packed! We had not only the Teen Titans, but the Legion Lost team as well. Along with Superboy and some new characters. While they had all worked together and only let one person die. Their battle with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and Harvest is long from over. Warblade and the rest of the Ravagers are now on the battle field to show the teen heroes a real fight.

The two sides stand there at first, while the Ravagers are all about pain, Red Robin is still trying to save them. However, Superboy has heard enough and chargers Warblade and the battle begins. While Dawnstar heads out to find Superboy, the rest of the heroes try to fight the Ravagers.

Now Superboy is strong, but he is still learning. He drives Warblade into the lava to hurt him but it doesn’t seem to be helping all that much. Elsewhere, Rose Wilson starts to battle Red Robin. Of course he tries to talk her out of all this while fighting, despite what is happening around him, Red Robin will not give up on these kids. Just as she is about to land a killing blow, it is Kid Flash to the rescue! Rose is left to battle Timber Wolf. Kid Flash is sent to round-up other kids in the crucible and find Skitter.

When the lava starts to fail Superboy, he tries droning Warblade in the lava. But again it seems to do nothing. While Superboy was made to be a living weapon, so are every one in the Ravagers. Before he knows what has happened, Dawnstar comes and picks up Warblade and drops him off. However, someone is watching from afar and they want Superboy dead. Meanwhile Superboy starts to wonder how special or different he really is, it always seems like he needs help.

Kid Flash and some of the Legion Lost continue to pick up and move kids away from the battle. Things are going well for once, at least until someone starts eying Kid Flash. Elsewhere Warblade continues to fight Dawnstar, he finally gets a hit on her and starts to charge, only to be stopped by Superboy. Despite all the people have told him, Superboy believes he can still choose his own life, no matter what people have planned for him. Now someone was looking at Kid Flash and seemed like they knew him. Turns out Timber Wolf does. He charges him calling him monster and claiming that man people suffered and died because of him. However, Tellus stops him and tells Kid Flash to forget the whole thing.

Superboy starts to put the hurt on Warblade that is until Hunter Bryce stops him. It seems the two had a run in during Superboy #3-4.  But before Hunter can do anything, he is killed by Warblade. Superboy is almost in shock about what just happened and Warblade is about to charge. That is until Dawnstar throws a rock at his head and knocks him out. Really? All that fighting with Warblade the whole issue and he is taken out by a rock to the head? Lame.

Superboy and Dawnstar regroup with the others and find that all of the Ravagers have been taken care of. It seems that they might actually get out of this place. That is until Harvest himself shows up to the fight. He has had enough of these games and will now put an end to all of this.

Now everyone is talking Night of Owls(as they should) but I feel like there needs to be more talk about the Culling. It has been great so far. Now I do want to touch on the fact that Timber Wolf knew Kid Flash. That pretty much confirms that he came from the future but from the sounds of it he was not a nice guy. I wonder when they will finally clear all that up. Either way the Culling has been fantastic so far. I would have liked to see more fighting between the Titans/Legion and the Ravagers. But this is Superboy’s title and he should be the main focus.


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