Review of Batman and Robin #9

“I’ll need this wing and a prayer to get where I’m going tonight.”

***Contains Spoilers***

It is issues like this one that make me really want to see what Damian Wayne is like in 10 years.

At first I thought to myself “How is Damian going to handle a Talon on his own?” Batman has been having a rough time with them(by that I mean they have nearly killed him on more than one occasion), and we have to wait until next week to find out how Nightwing(He barely beat one when a second one showed up and landed three knives in hie chest) will survive his fight. I mean sure Damian has training and some experience, but Bruce and Dick have a lot more of both. How can a ten year old boy handle such a difficult situation? The National Guard.

Now as an active duty Soldier I have made my fair share of jokes regarding the National Guard. In all seriousness they do serve their country and should be respected for that. But this is not just any National Guard Unit. This is the Gotham City Army and Air National Guard. These guys have seen their fair share of action. Even if only half of the natural and unnatural disasters that have struck Gotham are still in continuity these guys are well experienced Soldiers.

I also loved how quickly and easily Damian took command of the troops. Given him lineage( and his training) I am not surprised.

This story also reinforces the fact that the Talons are alll a bit mad. Maybe it is the breaking and training the are forced through, maybe the hibernation does something to their minds. This particular Talon decapitated two campers for no reason, they were not in his way and only barely heard him. Then he rambles on about how his last mission was to kill a man and his entire family, well one member of the family escaped and General Burrows is the last descendant. This guy requested him as a target just to “fulfill his mission”. The worst part of it all is that original mission was just so the Court of Owls could get some land at a cheaper cost.

In the end I think Damian handled everything well. I thought for a moment he might disobey Alfred and try to head back to the Bat Cave to help his father. In the end he did the right thing. I am curious how Bruce would react after finding out that Damian killed the Talon(I don’t think growing a new head is covered by their regenerative powers). I know Batman has his whole “no killing” rule, but these guys are not going to just give up and Damian really had no other means to subdue him.


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