Cats of New York: A review of Avenging Spider-Man #7

Honestly one of my favorite comics out there. I love seeing Spider-Man teamed up with other people. This month She-Hulk joins in the fun and has a tail-growing adventure!

Post contains spoilers

So it is just another night in New York City and Spider-Man is helping She-Hulk take care of a sewer monster. But that party doesn’t last long and She-Hulk realizes she is late for an event for her work. However, Spider-Man is hungry and a work event might have food. He followers her out of the sewer and tells her that he will gladly come along. He is even more excited when he finds out that it is about an Egyptian cat statue. She still turns him down and heads off on her own.

When she shows up it already starts turning into a bad night. Not only is she still in her She-Hulk costume, but she also smells like a sewer. Across the street Spider-Man plans on stopping by his favorite gyro shop, but it is right next to the Museum the event is at. As he shows up he seems some cloaked women heading into the building and he smells trouble(Or sewer smell). He heads in to stop them.

Inside She-Hulk tries to care about the statue of Bastet. While she is looking at the statue she seems the cloaked women out of the corner of her eye and follows. When she catches up they start to make a run for it and just as she is about to charge, Spider-Man shows up. When they find the women they are trying to steal the real statue of Bastet, but I don’t think they thought Spider-Man or She-Hulk would be there. They are quickly taken out and are turned in. When She-Hulk goes back to get the statue it talks to her and she returns quickly to ask the professor about it. It is here the Spider-Man tells her the hard truth.

She-Hulk has grown a tail

Now you can imagine how much fun Spider-Man is going to have with this man. I mean last time he saw the Punisher a girl was with him and he asked Frank if that meant he had started dating again. Got to love Spider-Man. Now She-Hulk isn’t to happy about all this and tells Spider-Man to shut his mouth before she does. They start to go looking for the cloaked women but are stopped by cats. Tons and tons of cats seems drawn to She-Hulk. I mean they are everywhere! Destroying the event, causing traffic issues outside, it just turns into cat-crazy chaos!

Things go from crazy to super crazy once Bastet herself shows up in the streets of New York and starts telling She-Hulk that she must serve her. Now She-Hulk wants to beat the crap out of her but she is made out of kittens and how can you fight something like that! So while She-Hulk struggles, Spider-Man has a great idea and runs off. When he comes back he proves to be a real Egyptian buff.

Spider-Man comes back as a servant of Neith, with the head of a bull and the body of a spider. Thankfully Bastet buys the act. He tells her that she can not have She-Hulk for she already serves him and that Bastet is not needed her. With that she leaves and it starts raining cats again. Before Spider-Man leaves, he tells She-Hulk that she better call Dr. Strange because the tail is still there. She turns around to see that both the tail and Spider-Man are missing.

So a much lighter issue that the last time we saw Avenging Spider-Man. But these issues are also nice. There is action and laughs, but it’s not the end of the world. I enjoy the little things in comics, like Spider-Man’s jokes. Completely makes my day. Next issue we have Dr. Strange and Silver Sable joining Spider-Man. Can’t wait to read it.


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