Do you know how to disarm a bomb? A review of Scarlet Spider #5

I love this title, I really do, and this issue just adds to the greatness that is the Scarlet Spider!

Post contains spoilers

So Kaine is making a pretty good name for himself in Huston whether he wants to or not. Since fighting off the Assassins’ Guild in the middle of the day in downtown he has really caught the public eye. But things are about to get all kinds of Michael Bay up in here(As in there will be explosions!) Someone is trying to blow up Huston with a nuke and it is up to Kaine to save his new home!

The issue opens with a bang. Kaine is in the middle of a chase with local police and crashes into the bombers car. He starts question them pretty hard, even threatening to kill them. Elsewhere at the University of Huston things are getting bloody when the real bombers show up and start killing. Back at the crash Kaine tries to get answers but his methods are a bit much for Officer Layton who calls him off. When it becomes clear this guy doesn’t know anything they move on.

The two continue to clash with each other. Kaine only cares about getting to the bomb but Layton isn’t about to throw away the things he believes in. This all started when they got a tip from a member of Watchdog. They are an extremist right-win group that hates just about everyone. The worst thing is that the are funded and violent but haven’t been seen in a while. Turns out they aren’t playing around though. They are willing to blow up Huston to show the world how weak the border is and blame it on illegal aliens.

Layton called in Kaine to try to get his help but so far they don’t have anything to go off apart from a man named Ranier who plans to blow the bomb. They get to University of Huston and follow the trail of dead bodies to try to find the bomb. It seems that they put the bomb together in one of the labs and as they call it in they come under gun fire. They question one of the guys and all they find out is that the bomb has already started its countdown. Which is just fantastic news for them.

Meanwhile a call finally goes out to S.H.I.E.L.D. about the bomb. The call then goes to Tony Stark who is to head to Huston and take care things. Meanwhile Kaine heads to William P. Hobby Airport to try to find Ranier. He breaks into a plane and finds him but it seems to be too late. All he says is that they will find the bomb in 20 minutes when it goes off and puts his gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

Layton comes in and freaks out. Him and Kaine have been going at each other all day and not to mention Huston might be blown to bits in 20 minutes. Things get worse when Kaine suggest that they get the others and just run for it. But Layton won’t do that. Kaine starts to get mad and feels powerless. That is until he remembers he can talk to spiders. He gets a lock on it finally and they head out to stop it. Tony Stark will be in Huston in about 27 minutes, however he only has 15.

In D.C. they tell the president that they will likely lose Huston. But back in Huston Kaine and Layton race against the clock to find the bomb. They get to the Huston Underground and finally find it. However, they only have about 2 minutes left and neither of them no how to disarm a bomb. The bomb squad is on its way but they will never make it. Kaine could run but he chooses to stay with Layton and go out with the city. Wally Layton calls Donald and starts to say his goodbyes and just then Kaine makes one last effort to save his city.

And by God it worked. Kaine figured they were going to die either way and just grabbed some wires and pulled. It seems like everyone gets to live today. Iron Man shows up but it seems that everything has been taken care of. The Avengers already have Spider-Man and Venom. Is it possibly we could have a Spider Team soon if Kaine gets drafted?

I really love this. Its kind of like Spider-Man meets Venom in a way. He is a clone of Spider-Man but he is so much different then Peter. And don’t get me wrong, I love Peter, but it is nice to see a Spider-Man who just goes out and kicks so much ass. If you haven’t, you should give Scarlet Spider a chance.


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