Falling apart: A review of Uncanny X-Force #25

So the X-force is trying to get back in to a sense of normalcy after their last few adventures but it seems that might be a lot hardier then they thought it would be.

Post contains spoilers

So the X-Force has been busy with the whole business with in Otherworld. Plus there is the whole thing with Genesis. Oh and Deadpool has lost his healing powers. OH and Nightcrawler is on the team but he still has his own mission to take out those who came from his own world. So with all this Wolverine struggles to keep him team together. The issue opens with Genesis being found at the Jean Grey school by a man in the distance. Whoever they are, they know that he is Apocalypse.

Elsewhere in Paris Deadpool trails a man who is going to drop a lot of money. To bad for him that Deadpool was tailing him and he gets taken out pretty quickly. With Deadpool now looking all handsome, he heads into the unknown. He finds himself in a place called the White Sky Room. It seems Wade is going to have some big spending on his hands. Back in the Cavern-X Psylocke and Fantomex wake up from a one night stand. Now if things weren’t shaky before, they are now. While Fantomex longs to be with her, she does not feel the same and rather just pretend it never happened.

Back in the White Sky Showroom Wade is shown all kinds of ways to enhance corporate espionage from secretary assassins to ninjas. The things are can do anything from protection to killing. Assassins are also grown to the buyers wants. You can really do anything with these. However, they can’t bend time so Wade is unable to buy a cowboy, pirate king with can crap through time. Wade comes to three empty cases. They belong to the most expensive model they make, The Omega Clan. They are made from the actually remains of Omega Red. They are grown to hate their targets, which just happens to be the X-Force.

Back and the Cavern-X, Nightcrawler and Wolverine keep an eye on Deadpool. However the topic changes when Nightcrawler needs help with another person from his home world. It turns out he has found the Blob and he wants him dead. Before they can get into, they get an emergency call from Wade. They need to move quick but when Wolverine calls the troops he gets nothing. Psylocke comes to them and tells them she is quitting. Given all that has happened, she has a reason to leave. She can’t keep up with all the killing. Before they can even completely process it, Fantomex says his goodbyes. Without Warren, there is no money, and with no money there is no him.

Within minutes of Deadpool calling for help, the X-Force loses two of its members.

Psylocke goes to the Jean Grey school to check and ask about Warren. She walks with Shadowcat and talks about how he is doing. It is hard to say though, he has changed so much from him old self that you have to think of him as not even being Warren. When Kitty turns around to ask if she wants to say hi, Psylocke is already gone. Elsewhere Wolverine and Nightcrawler get ready to try to save Wade.

Now Wolverine is not a bad guy. But he has had a rough day. Half of his team has walked out on him. But he keeps the X-Force running because it is the only place he can let the animal out. But no matter what they think or say, deep down this is what the need and want from him. When they going gets tough, they get Wolverine. However, things are about to get very tough. As they fight their way in, Wade is looking for a way out. The Omega Clan is here to destroy the X-Force and with them missing Psylocke and Fantomex, they might just be able to.

Now this takes place after Deadpool #54. It confuses me a little because we don’t know what happens after that issue. It left off in kind of weird place were they were going to kill Wade soon. But it seems he still does not have his healing powers. Also there is the question, are Psylocke and Fantomex going to stay gone? And if they are gone for good who will take their spots?


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