Review of Birds of Prey #9

“I was born Henry Ballard and I serve the Court of Owls.”

***Contains Spoilers***

On a night where the Court of Owls is attempting to strike at the most influential power brokers and decision makers in Gotham, they have sent one of their Talons after the Birds of Prey. I was a little surprised by this. Well, to be fair it is not stated that the Birds were his target. Poison Ivy may have been his initial target and the others just showed up at the wrong time. Either way they had a hell of a fight on their hands. I really like the design of Ballard’s Talon costume. What I found even more interesting was his view on things.

The fight scenes often cuts away to Ballard’s viewpoint. He sees everything differently. FOr example he sees Katana as some sort of demon, and he sees Black Canary and Starling in clothing from his original time period(1847). He even sees a car as a horse and carriage. Like I have said before the Talons are crazy.

This was a good issue, it ties Batgirl into the Story, it fits well in the overall Night of Owls event. The fight scenes are beautifully drawn. The only real hang up I have is that the online description(released by DC) stated that “a secret is revealed about Black Canary’s husband…Kurt Lance?!” Now, I have read this issue several times(as I usually do before writing a review), and I found a single mention of Kurt Lance. It was a passing comment that Black Canary made where she just said that recent events were stressing her out. There is no secret in this issue about Kurt Lance. I wouldn’t mind if they hadn’t said there would be one.


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