Wedding in Hell: A Review of Wonder Woman #9

Wonder Woman and Hades are about to get married! The really question is, who is your plus one?

Post contains spoilers

So one of the biggest weddings of all time is about to happen. Now everyone is wondering if they will go and who they will be going. Strife talks to War about going to the wedding together but he isn’t even going. He doesn’t care about the whole thing, one wedding per person, after that he doesn’t care. Back at Mount Etna they try to figure out what they are going to do. Lennox and Zola are not happy about leaving Wonder Woman behind but she knew the risks going in.

They start turning on each other fighting, trying to find out if they should act or not. It seems that it might not be as complicated as they think. Hephaestus is already invited, Lennox will be his guest. As for right now, he has work to do. Back in the Underworld, Wonder Woman gets ready for her wedding. She is unsure how the whole thing will go over. It seems that Hades has shaped the Underworld into Paradise Island. However, she rather not seeing something like that.

Wonder Woman sees that the girl who is helping her is bleeding. It seems that the girl tried to escape by killing herself. The girl who has been helping her is Persephone, the once wife of Hades. Back on Earth, Hermes and Zola try to wrap their heads around what is happening. While Zola was in Hell for Months, it was only days on Earth. While she understands this, she worries about Wonder Woman. As they walk Aphrodite shows up and walks with them. Like many others, she will not be going to Hell.

Back in Hell, Hades prepares for the wedding. Strife shows up very early and talks with her uncle. They talk about how a lot of the family is not showing to the wedding. Lennox, Eros, and Hephaestus show up for the wedding and find that since most of the family, Hades has invited every soul in Hell. They go off to find their seats and wait. Meanwhile Hades goes and picks up his bride. They ride together through Hell and he confronts her about having possible plans to trick him. He lets her know that he could easily go and capture Zola again. She says that she loves him, but he wants proof. She will be professing her love while wearing her Lasso of Truth.

So we shall see how this turns out. I mean, when Wonder Woman was left there, I figured that they had some kind of plan. Maybe next month we will have some Oceans 11 kind of stuff. It is kind of slow issue but I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


One Response to “Wedding in Hell: A Review of Wonder Woman #9”

  1. Karan Seraph Says:

    I liked the decidedly non-romantic inclusion of Persephone. In the old myths, she was meant to stay in Hell half of every year, but as she says, Hades didn’t allow her to leave, at some point, and she attempted to escape eternity there by killing herself, thus insuring she’d be damned to hell for eternity. Not the brightest girl, but she does lend an appropriate sense of darkness, horror and tragedy to the story.

    I’m also curious whether Diana somehow averted the effects of Eros’s pistols. She was shot, right? And she’s been acting like she now loves Hades. Yet, Hades himself seems to doubt her, as suggested by the manner in which she is to make her vows. As it’s her lasso, it’s hardly standard Hell wedding practice.

    Not to mention the lasso was positioned as a noose.

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