No fighting on campus! A review of Avengers Academy #30

So last issue the kids of Utopia got dropped off at the Avengers Academy. Now Sebastian Shaw has broken out from his cage and he means business. He might even attack the kids, if they don’t try to kill each other first.

Post contains spoilers

Wiz Kid has brought together Hazmat, X-23, and Ricochet together to talk about the new X-men guests. Now all of them are also mutants apart from Hazmat. Now Wiz Kid makes the point that she is Japanese and compares having the X-kids locked up at the school is like internment camps from WWII. The four go back and forth about whether the X-kids should be able to leave or not. The talking stops when X-23 storms off after Ricochet calls her Wolverine junior.

Elsewhere Tigra, Hercules, Madison, and Dr. Rao try to figure out what to do with Sebastian Shaw. It is clear that he has not left the school and he is still somewhere on campus. While he lost all of his memories, he read about himself. They think Shaw might want revenge on Emma Frost for taking his memories and that revenge might include killing the students. While they must act, they decide that they will not alert the students yet. Things are bad enough as it is, they don’t need a fight breaking out.

Hazmat catches up with X-23 to talk things over with her. The two talk about their conflicting feeling on different things. While X-23 feels lost and has no direction, Hazmat tries to help her find her way. It becomes clear that deep down, X-23 can easily think for herself. Lets just hope that she doesn’t start a riot within school grounds.

In the storm drains of the school, Madison tracks down Shaw. He can tell he has been here but can’t seem to find him. That is until he finds Shaw’s feet in his face. The fight is over pretty quick. They went into the fight thinking Shaw could only take in kinetic energy. Turns out kinetic just works the best. With Madison down Shaw is closer to his crazy plan, what ever that might be…

Reptil and Finesse walk down the halls talking about their relationship. While Reptil thinks its written in the stars that they should be together, putting limits on it makes her less interested. Thankfully, X-23 comes looking for her and the two go look up all there is to know about the conflict between the Avengers and the X-men. They learn about the Phoenix Force and its past trips to Earth. But it seems that neither side has hard proof on what will happen when the Phoenix gets to Hope. While history would support the Avengers, it is still up in the air. X-23 hasn’t made up her mind on where she stands, but Finesse is becoming a good friend and has helped her again. However, they have a different problem.

As Shaw continues on his way, he runs into Hercules and again takes him out pretty quick. Despite the Helmet of Hades, the Shield of Perseus, and the Sword of Peleus he still loses. Shaw also finds out that he can take in some amounts of magical energy. Back outside things are getting worse when a group of X-men want to leave the school to get some food. Now the Avengers kids have been told to stop them if they try to leave. So now we have a war going on outside the school and inside. And just like in the real war, others change sides. Some Avengers kids side with the X-men. Things might have cooled down if Crosta(a Atlantean) had not tried to swim away and woken a Sentinel…

Now the X-kids don’t take this very well since Sentinels were made to hunt and kill mutants. Now this is not like those Sentinels but things get ugly fast. To make things worse during the fight Tigra was taken down by Shaw so they can not call for help. X-23 finally steps in and takes down the Sentinel and it is called off. Confused Hazmat confronts her about her choice. She explains that she realizes and under stands why the Avengers brought and kept the X-kids here. On their own they might endanger themselves or do something stupid. But just because they are young doesn’t mean they should not have a choice. The speech might have fixed things if Shaw had not just shown up.

School is out and it is fighting time!

I am not a huge fan of Avengers Academy. I hadn’t read it before AvX, but it’s not a bad book. However, the two issues I have read have been pretty good. The roster is bit big though. A smaller group might do better. But if you want to stay on top of AvX, pick it up!


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