Tales from the past: A review of New Avengers #26

So new Avengers has been telling the story from MANY years ago. And by many I mean a few hundred. Which makes the story make sense to me. I either missed that very key detail in 25 or Marvel just likes to keep me guessing.

post contains spoilers

So Chan Kong-Sang has left the mystic city in search for someone, but who is this mystery man? Well it turns out that it is Leonardo Da Vinci! And the master Yu Ti believes that Da Vinci will play a key role in the events to come. He needs him to come to the city of K’un Lun and help them. He agrees and the two make their way back to the hidden city.

Back in K’un Lun, the girl starts her training. When it becomes clear that she does not speak, master Yu Ti tells her to attack. For if she will not speak, she can let her actions do the talking. She still remains still and silent, that is until he insults her mother. Like any good daughter she launches herself at him. Now there is a reason master Yu Ti is a master and has the respect he has. He simply sidesteps each of her attacks. He explains that she must learn to express herself and control her emotions. She is left for her training with master Lei Kung, who has a long trail ahead of him.

Da Vinci finally reaches the hidden city and comes to see Fongji training. She has gotten better, but not goo enough. When she keeps failing at striking master Lei Kung, she gets angry and a burst of energy comes off her. It becomes clear that they need to start working harder and that Da Vinci is going to need help building something big. Now we all know Da Vinci was a smart cookie, but here is beyond genius. He constructs a huge telescope to try to track the flames birds movements before it hits them.

Elsewhere, Yu Ti and Fongji sit and meditate at the scrying vessel of Bo-Ling. As Fongji empties her mind, she sees the stars, and in them the flame bird fighting a dragon. Yu Ti takes this as a sign that she is ready to become the Iron Fist. Fongji must go and meet the dragon Shao Lao and best it in battle. If she does she will be given the power of the Dragon Fire and become the Iron Fist. Now Yu Ti, Lei Kung, and Da Vinci must wait and see what happens.

2 days later Fongji finally comes out of the cave and she has been victorious! She has become the Iron Fist. Not only that, but she finally spoke. Back in K’un Lun, Da Vinci watches for the bird and is taken by surprise. He tells someone to go wake the master, the flame bird is on its way!

Now last issue this seemed kinda crazy, but this issue cleared things up for me, like that this is happening in the past. So I was able to enjoy it a lot more. Plus who doesn’t like a hero born from fighting a dragon? That is always a plus in my book! I wonder what will happen and how it will play into AvX as a whole. We will just have to wait and see! I am looking forward to it.


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