Batman The Dark Knight #9

“They invaded my home. I left them broken.”

***Contains Spoilers***

It turns out that Batman has fought a Talon before. The Talon that Dick Grayson was to replace. After Batman thoroughly kicked his ass, the Talon was retired. It was the same Talon that killed Lincoln Marsh(see Batman #9). It turns out that Lincoln did not kill him. SO Talon and Batman got their rematch.

Much of the issue is spent showing us the first meeting of Batman and Talon, from Talon’s point of view. Now if you remember, Lincoln was a friend of Bruce Wayne. Bruce does not take kindly to it when someone kills someone close to him(it’s sort of the reason that we have Batman in the first place). The fight ends in a SPLORCH!, which is sort of like a splat, with a bit of a crunch.

I love the final panel, with Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin and Robin. I am assuming that they continue the story in the Batman Annual(due out next week). I am eager to see them fight as a group. Since they all have similar training and they have worked together in the past.

I did not read Dark Knight initially, but it is now part of my regular pull list. The artwork is excellent, and I also enjoy the story line. Particularly this issue, since it does add a lot to the Night of Owls crossover.

Speaking of adding to the crossover, All Star Western #9 did not. I was going to review it, but after reading it I saw little point. I mean Catwoman was only loosely connected to the Night of Owls, but All Star Western is barely connected. I am not a big fan of westerns or Jonah Hex in general. Unless you are you can feel free to skip it.

The Night of Owls is moving along nicely. We have had background on many of the Talons, several have been killed, several of their targets have been saved. Now it is up to the Bat family to go on the hunt. I, for one am very excited.


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