Review of Nightwing #9

“I am the Best, Richard-The greatest Talon of them all.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I am a big Nightwing fan, have been for many years. I also like the character of William Cobb. He serves as a great image of what Dick was “destined to be”. Now, if you remember at the end of issue #8 Dick was pretty beat up, but Dick did what Batman trained hi to do. Never give in. This is one of the reason I think Nightwing is one of the best Heroes in the DCU. He can’t fly, isn’t invulnerable, in fact all he has is the strength and skill of a well-trained human being. He has his acrobatic training, plus years of being trained by Batman. He also has a lot of heart. He is a very compassionate person.

The fight between Dick and Cobb is a great one, and the flashbacks to Cobb’s past, including where the Graysons got their name were interesting and added to instead of detracted from the flow of the story.

People often give heroes like Batman and Nightwing a lot of crap, saying that they aren’t “real super heroes” all because they lack any sort of meta human ability. However they continually best their meta human opponents through creativity and quick thinking. Like letting your enemy think he is chasing you into a corner, when you are in fact leading him into a trap.

This was another great issue of Nightwing, and if you do not regularly read it I strongly recommend that you start doing so. I do hope that this is not the last we will see of William Cobb, I think he would make a great villain. Since Dick did not kill him, unlike the Talons that were fought by Robin, Catwoman and Batgirl.


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