How about Team X-men? A review of Uncanny X-men #12

The Avengers are hard at work to find Hope Summers and make sure she does not join with the Phoenix Force. Meanwhile the X-men are working hard to make sure she does.

Post contains spoilers

The time has come, they can’t wait any longer. The X-men have to move to find Hope. If she is left alone with the Phoenix Force, she might endanger herself. She might think she can do it on her own but Scott thinks he knows better. The have five possible locations for Hope, they must split up and track her down. Namor and his team head out to Tabula Rasa to see if they can find Hope.

They aren’t the only ones there though, Luke Cage, the Thing, and She-hulk are also there looking for her. However, the X-men know Tabula Rasa better than the Avengers and get a head start. It doesn’t take long for them to find some of the beasts and wild life of the area.

As the Avengers tries to fight of the wild life, Namor and his team jump them. Luck for Namor, he has unfinished business with the Thing. The two beat the crap out of each other. Last time in the water, the Thing bested Namor…somehow. Now they are on land and the are still going blow for blow. That was until one of the natives came up to him and Thing and asked if they were about to mate.

Before things can get any more awkward, Namor gets pulled out of there. It has become clear that all five of Hope’s signals were sent just the throw both sides off. Cyclops has to pull back all his big guns. The Avengers have tracked Hope to the Moon, which means they need to move quick.

Not a whole lot going on in this issue. The main focus is the fight between Namor and the Thing. However, not a whole lot happens. It is more of a repeat of their last fight but this time no one really wins and Namor runs off. I would have liked to see who would have won on land. But I said I would do all the AvX issues so here I am. Not my favorite but still a good read.


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