Take me down to Gorilla City: A review of The Flash #9

Where the grass is green and gorillas are crazy! But really, The Flash has escaped the Speed Force and has woken up in a strange new place. And he just might have some Gorilla eat his brain.

Post contains spoilers

The past issues have given us hints at Gorilla City but we Flash hadn’t seen it or been there until now. At the end of the last issue he was able to run out of the Speed Force taking Turbine with him. However when he wakes up he might wish he was still in the Speed Force. Now right before Barry wakes up he flashes back to when he was very young and a knocked over his jeep on a safari tour. When he wakes up he finds Grodd eating his fathers brain. Not knowing where he is or why the gorillas are talking, he makes a run for it.

He doesn’t get far and Grodd tackles him to the ground. He would have killed the Flash is the elders had not stopped Grodd. The believe the Flash is the messenger from the Light, part of their religion. But Barry does not know what they are talking about, more importantly he doesn’t know who he is..Back inside the Speed Force Iris West and the others are still trapped there. The Flash had gone looking for them but was told they were long gone. They are trying to hold things together but it feels like it has been days. All their other worries go away when they hear a loud grumble. Whatever is making that sound, it can’t be good.

Back in Central City, David and Hartley get into a heated conversation about what is going on in the city. It seems that Central City has started to blame The Flash for its past problems. To make things worse(maybe) Hartley wants to go back out as the Pied Piper. Now I talked about the Pied Piper a few issues back when Hartley first showed up. He is an ex-vigilante known as the Pied Piper. Now Pre-52 he was a Rogue turned activist and was openly gay. It would seem while his story and career is a bit different, he is still gay. During the conversation he hints about how David wants to keep his relationship hidden. The two are cut off when Patty comes in but Hartley seems confident that he needs to become the Pied Piper again.

Back in Gorilla City the Elders plot to help the Flash. It seems Grodd has locked him up before killing him. But the Elders believe that the Flash has come as the messenger of the Light, signaling the end of Gorilla City. He must be allowed to live and fulfill his destiny. However, Grodd has been listening in the shadows and does not like what he hears. Barry tries to remember who he is and wrap his head around what is going on but it is difficult when he doesn’t even know who he is. The Elders come to his rescue.

They take him to the caves under the city to try to show the Flash who he and why he means so much to them. The Lightning hit their ancestors and let them see all things. But with each generation this gift faded. What they call the Light he knows as the Speed Force. They too saw the destruction of civilizations, along with the getting their gift and taking of the sky rider(Turbine) but the Flash is shown on the wall as the Messenger, the one who can use the Light. But just as he learns Grodd and his men show up and start attack the elders. The violence jolts the Flash memory of him getting attacked as a child.

With his memory back he kicks back into action and starts fighting Grodd. During the fight Grodd causes a cave in and is caught in the rubble. The panel makes you think he is dead but I don’t think this is the last we will see of Grodd. Later the Elders address the people, the prophecy has been fulfilled and it is time for Gorilla City to makes its own way. The Flash is going to leave and with that they should rebuild their city into something even greater than before. With that, Barry heads back to Central City.

Patty heads off to Guatemala City to work on a cold case, she just needs to get out of Central City. With everything that happened to Barry and the demonstrations going on, she just needed to get away and do some work. But she might get more than she wants. Below Marco Mardon is about to make his family proud. He will bend the weather to their will! We might be seeing the Weather Wizard very soon.

Oh and Barry’s return to Central City wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t run into Doctor Elias, leading a Flash protest demonstration. Things are not looking good for the fastest man alive.

Now The Flash is one of the few DC titles that hasn’t made my head hurt. Plus I love Barry. Also a fan little thing I noticed is the Camera that Barry has in his flashback has the name Garrick on it. Jay Garrick..Flash…camera flash…I don’t know it made me laugh…


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