Into the arena! A review of The Savage Hawkman #9

Hawkman has battled ancient aliens and zombie hordes, but how will he do in this new fight?

Post contains spoilers

So Carter Hall has been pretty busy with work and flying around New York as Hawkman. But he still is keeping it together pretty well. It is a bit of a different Carter than we saw in #1 where he was trying to destroy his nth metal suit. Now he is enjoying his work(Which he kicks ass at) and flying around the city as Hawkman. When he is not working or flying he is working on finding out the secrets of his nth metal. While he might not know a ton about it he can still put it to good use.

In #1 we saw the nth metal suit actually become part of Carter and it has taken him some time to get used to that. But now it is taking less effort to summon it and things like flying are coming easier. He heads out flying just trying to get some air but the peace doesn’t last long. It seems someone has their eye on Hawkman. Three men who look like Blue Beetle’s cousins show up and start blasting Hawkman. Now they attackers almost taunt him, thinking that three of them is overkill for such an easy target. But Carter makes a good point, hawks are hunters not prey. Carter grabs one of the men and starts asking questions. The man who is after him is named Xerxes, but that is all Carter is able to get out of him. As he pushes for more info the attacker is vaporized.

Now he was able to shake off the attack but this night just keeps getting weirder. He feels a sharp pain in his head as he receives an incoming transmission. Before he knows what is happening he sees a woman saying “K-tar..Th–g–r” Now I am guessing that is meant to be a broken message but the woman looks just like Pre-52 Hawkgirl. Now sure is set to show up on Earth 2 in a few months, maybe we will be having an Earth 1 counterpart? Carter heads home to try to figure out more about what just happened and wrap his head around the whole thing. But just as he gets home, his penthouse blows up. It is clear that someone wants to send a message to him, the question is who?

Thankfully Carter has set up a couple of safe spots in the city with a little pack. Mostly a clean pair of cloths and his recent work. After cleaning up he goes and meets Emma for lunch. He wants to talk about something he has been working on. Now Carter is one of the bests at what he does. But this has him stuck. He feels he is getting closer to solving some of the mysterious between aliens and their presence on Earth. But his lunch is interrupted when the place blows up. He does his best to protect Emma from the blast, but before he knows it the nth metal is coming out to protect him. Now Emma sees his secret, I wonder what that will do for their future and if it will help him in his question to find out more about it.

As the smoke clears a man named Ironside depends Hawkman to step forward. But this is the SAVAGE Hawkman we are talking about. He isn’t going to go down with out a fight. Sadly he get caught off guard and has been captured. It is unclear what happened to Emma for now. But someone really wants Hawkman and now they have him. When Carter wakes up he finds himself in a cage with his head spinning. He finds himself talking to a man named Xerxes. He has been watching Hawkman for sometime now and it is time for a show. Xerxes is a power broker that sells antiquities and ancient weapons and his newest prize is Hawkman his nth metal armor. Should he choose not to fight, they will kill Emma. It looks like it is killed or be killed.

Now this a bit of a catch up issue. Hawkman has been on the move and going from fight to fight with almost rest since #1. Here we see Carter relax for the first time in a long time, that is until he gets attacked again and now people want to kill him and take his armor(Which we still don’t really know how he got) All in all the next issue should be fantastic and I wish I had more Hawkman in my life. I have said it before but I really like his redesign.


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