The Game of Thrones

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I started watching Game of Thrones last Thursday. By Saturday afternoon I was eagerly awaiting Sunday’s new episode(the season 2 finale). I had heard good things about the show, but since I was deployed I did not see the first season and finally I succumbed to the pressure. I will say that I think it is a great show. The acting is excellent, the sceneray is beautiful, and the story is extremly compelling. Part of the reason I watched the series so quickly is because I had to. It reminded me of Heroes, where every episode ended with some cliffhanger or twist that made you want to forgo sleep just to see what happened. Of course THAT episode ended in a similar way so you had to watch ANOTHER one. I would have been done with the 19 episodes I had by Friday afternoon, but I do have a job and a small social life.

I am not going to summarize the entire series because that would just take too long. Instead I will just say where some of the major characters are now and where I think(hope) they will head in season 3.

***Contains Spoilers***

I’ll start with the Starks;

Brandon Stark– I really like young Brandon, for such a young age he has had to endure so much and from the looks of things he will have many more trials to survive. He is currently heading north to the Wall in the hope that his half brother Jon will keep him safe. He is joined by his younger brother Rikon, their dire wolves Summer and Shaggydog, Hodor(the gentle giant) and Osha(the wildling). Not a bad group to be with, Summer has already saved his life before and Osha is a skilled fighter. However they are unknowingly walking toward an undead army. Good luck, young Starks.

Robb Stark – Due to his marriage to Talisa he is now likely going to be cut off from the north. It doesn’t matter since Winterfell has, well fallen. He still has his army and his dire wolf, Grey Wind. Thanks to his mother he no longer has Jaime Lannister as a bargining chip(we’ll get to him later). Cut off from home, facing the King’s large army things do not bode well for the King of the North.

Arya Stark – Jaqen helped her escape with Gendry and the fat kid. They are heading north, but are #1 wanted by the Lannisters and #2 have no clue where they are going or what they are walking into. Her dire wolf, Nymeria is off running wild somewhere. Which is too bad, because she could really use her right now.

Sansa Stark– Good news is that she doesn’t have to marry Joffrey, that bad news is that that is one less reason for him to keep her alive. I have not liked her ever since she refused to back Arya when Nymeria attacked Joffrey. In hind sight I wish he had his throat ripped out by the dire wolf.

Jon Snow – He may not be a Stark in name, but he is in blood. He has been taken by the Wildlings and no sees that they are not the disorganized group of savages everyone thinks they are. They are much like the Fremen in Dune(one of many Dune parallels), a large group of savage, but organized fighters living in secret in a brutal wasteland. Can he rally them to help the south defeat the white walkers?

And now the Lannisters;

Joffrey Baratheon – This inbreed little shit pisses me off to no end. He managed to stay in power thanks to his uncle’s quick thinking and his grand father’s good timing. He is a cruel, petulant child and I hope he dies in a fire.

Jaime Lannister – Well, Catelyn let him go and sent Brienne to escort him back to King’s Landing. He is another arrogant prick(I can see where Joffrey gets it from). I have no doubt that Brienne will accomplish her mission, but than what happens to her? If the King gets a hold of her it is death or prison(probably death), and if she manages to escape his grasp and get back to Catelyn, she will suffer the same fate at Robb’s hands.

Tyrion Lannister – The only Lannister I don’t hate and one of my favorite characters. He saved the city, but gets no credit. At least he has the love of a beautiful woman, and a bitching scar. I think his character has shown some of the best growth as a character.

and finally the last Targareyn

Daenerys Targaryen – She has her dragons back, and enough stolen gold to buy ships to sail back home. Maybe if her dragons stop the white walkers they’ll make her queen?

There are MANY MANY more minor characters that I will not go into right now. I will say this, I will most likely be reading the books soon and I will definitely be reviewing season 3 next year.


3 Responses to “The Game of Thrones”

  1. Brenda Murtha Says:

    I don’t have the time committment to watch the shows, i just started to read the book.

  2. skychaserr Says:

    When did we become a Game of Thrones family and why did no one tell me?

  3. Hey I just started a week ago, it’s not my fault you never call to just say hello

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