Meanwhile back on Earth: A review of Uncanny X-men #13

While the main group of Avengers and X-men just arrived on the Moon. But a lot of people were left back on Earth. Lets check up on them!

Post contains spoilers

While Cyclops and some others battle on the Moon, many other X-men try to recover from their own fights. Magneto and Psylocke come back to an empty building and think they are the first ones back. However in the shadows hide Storm and Nemesis are there too. It seems that in their own fights around the world they did not do so well. Nemesis was hit by a neurotoxin dart by Black Widow and speaks almost gibberish. They don’t want to sit around while Cyclops and the others fight for their futures, but they have no way of getting to the moon. One of the best hopes would be Pixie, but the kids have left the Avengers Academy and could be anywhere.

Speaking of the kids, Pixie and a group of others go back to Utopia to try to regroup. They plan on breaking into the prison on Utopia to talk to Unit. They don’t think it a good idea but it is all they have left from Hope and they want to see if he has answers. He is in prison there but he does have information on the Phoenix and the kids will do all they can to help.

Elsewhere Storm, Psylocke, and Magneto swap battle stories. It seems that the X-men did not to that well on the battle field. Storm headed out to Wakanda to fight her husband but she held back and hesitated and it cost her the fight. By the time she came to, Danger had cleared her and Nemesis out of the battle. Magneto and Psylocke had similar luck in Wundagore. While Psylocke tried locking down Quicksilver, Red Hulk came up behind her and snapped her arm. But they have to be thankful that so few mutants have stood against them. Quicksilver, Wolverine, and Beast are the only mutants that stood with the Avengers in battle. Many from Logan’s school came back to fight. But the conversation comes back to one thing, how can they get to the moon.

Back on Utopia, Unit tells the kids all he knows about the Phoenix Force. While it brings both death and rebirth, this is different. The Phoenix is a universal constant and that means it really dislikes when anything interferes with that. It has been pushed and now it is pushing back. Now Unit has been around a while and he is working off a theory but he saw something like it before. A planet ruled by demons who worked to stop progression. That was until a messiah came along and with her came five acolytes. She called out and the Phoenix came and wiped out the demons.

This upsets the children however, seeing as the past messiah seemed to need her five acolytes but Unit never told this to Hope. While Hope works for mutant kind, Unit works towards universal peace. He knows what will happen if Hope gets everything she needs, but he wants to find out what happens the don’t. The kids are shocked and become unclear of what to do. They had hoped that Unit would help them and tell them a way to help Hope. He may have liked Hope, but he always had his own goals.

Storm, Psylocke, and Magneto still struggle to find a way to the Moon. It kills them to just sit around and wait while others might be battling for their lives and their futures. They start thinking of who has a space ship. There is an alien boy from the Jean Grey School, Brand, and Danger might be able to transform into a spaceship. Now Danger would be their best chance, but they have no idea where she has gone.

Back in Utopia, Danger shows herself but not in a good way. While the children try to figure out how to help Hope, Danger attacks them. They try to make a run for it, but they are trapped. It seems that Danger is not completely in control of her actions and has been working for Unit for some time now. With the kids taken care off, Danger and Unit are free to leave. Since the others don’t know where Danger is, they hope that Brand will help them out. But on the way out Psylocke is hit by a blast of energy. It seems like they might be too late. The Phoenix Force has found Hope and something big just happened on the Moon.

The kids are left behind on the beach and Danger and Unit leave. Now Unit did not have them killed, but he sometimes he does believe in necessary evil. He had time to kill, but no need to kill them. He may have fought them off but that was only to leave. They will not remember on of it and they will have a chance to live in a better world. As they wake up the kids see a flash of light by the moon. Thinking it is a shooting star they all make their own wish.

All of the X-men have been through a lot recently. But who knows, maybe there is some hope out there. I guess we will have to wait and see. Actually you don’t have to wait at all. Well you kind of do. You get a peek at it in the end of the issue but I want to keep it on down low until my AvX #5 review! Which will be coming up next.

I just have to say that I love how AvX has not only been great, but the tie in stories and issues have been equally as good.

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