Rise Anton Arcane! A review of Swamp Thing #10

The war with the Rot is over! Swamp Thing has saved both Abby and the world….or has he? Sethe might have been defeated but he is not out of tricks yet. An old friend is about to rise. Met Anton Arcane.

Post contains spoilers

Now Anton Arcane is a well-known Swamp Thing villain. He was also the uncle of Abby at least pre-52 now it seems that he may be the father. Either way he is one of the rots greatest warriors. Not to mention he is the creator of the un-men, which are like patchwork people. Failed creations while trying to gain immortality. He has now been brought back again to kill Swamp Thing and bring Abby back to the Rot. Now Swamp Thing may have won the battle last issue but Abby did stab him through the chest. He needs to heal which makes both him and Abby easy targets.

Now the story of when Swamp Thing and Anton met is one of the issue I read that made me fall in love with him. Now the two met a few other times pre-52 and each was..different. Anton was one of those villains who you always thought died and never seemed to stay that way. And it seems DC wants to keep it that way. We knew this was coming from last issue, but honestly I didn’t think it would come this soon.

Abby is able to get Swamp Thing away and back into a swamp. They go to an old home of Abby’s out in a swamp. Here they will be able to lay low and recover. Turns out they are not alone in hiding either. When walking to the swamp, we see the Parliament of Trees. Right as he transformed he was able to grab their essence and bring them here. He does not know if they will ever the same but at least there is a chance. With that Alec goes into the swamp to heal and Abby goes into the house to clean it up.

Now the first half of the issue is told from Anton’s point of view. He is seen talking to someone about Abby. We learn a bit more about her past. Now while Anton sired over 50 different children for the rot, Abby was the best and most special. At a young age her powers already started to have great power. At a few months old she killed her mother while playing with a small amount of death in her brain. But while the world pointed Abby to the Rot with all her powers she ran and hid in the Green for most of her life. It reminds me of the relationship Buffy has with Angel in the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Which I might be rewatching right now) How its two people who would normally be pinned against each other falling in love. There is something to be admired.

Soon it becomes clear that Anton has been talking to Alec while he has been laying in the swamp. He smashes his head and goes after Abby. She first sees the un-men and right away she knows who it has to be. Anton finally shows himself and now Abby must face him on her own.

It is a pretty slow issue but it gives you some background on Abby and sets them up for the next big story arc. With Alec Holland finally becoming Swamp Thing and Sethe destroyed, he can focus on other things. Well at least when he heals. I am looking forward to seeing how Abby handles herself against Anton and what really happened to Alec.


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