Robots in Seattle: A review of Green Arrow #10

I have been losing interest in the current Green Arrow title for some time now. The last story arc just didn’t do it for me. I was hoping that this issue would offer something more but again, it was an odd story with not a lot going on.

Post contains spoilers

So Oliver has lost his company and just got back from being “dead”. You would think they would have a lot of things to discuss and go over in this issue. Hell he even hears about a new arrow in Seattle at the end of last issue. I guess I was just hoping a lot of different things this issue and got none of them. However I guess the theme is very Green Arrow. Now he may have only just gotten back and lost almost everything but that won’t stop him from being Green Arrow. As he does his thing he saves Pauline Pearl, who was just about to kill herself by riding off a bridge.

Now normally these things have a happy ending. The super hero saves the girl from killing herself and she now has a new out look on life. However, turns out Pauline thinks she is a robot. Which brings up the whole thing about robots not having free will. She tries to prove she is a robot to Green Arrow to the point were she knocks herself out. He has seen a lot of things but this is a little odd. Now they get her back to a doctor but what they find explains why she thinks she is a robot. But she has a metal plate in her head and metal under her skin and wrists. Oh and a bar code on the bottom of her foot. Nothing odd about that right? It becomes clear that she did not have this kind of work done herself. They are lead to a place called Nacrotics and Ollie heads out to save the day.

When Ollie gets there he meets Doctor Stan Cognate who sells the best in servbots. Now Dr. Cognate claims that these are just not your boring old servbots but they have their own personalities and hobbies. He claims it lies in his secret chip, they are all based off humans but he doesn’t tell Ollie anything else. His next stop is Pauline’s house. It seems that she had trouble walking as a kid and was adopted, though her parents never told her. She grew up being very confused about who she was and where she came from. Which is fun in a way since she now thinks she is a robot.

But soon the truth comes out. In the of the warehouse the Dr. Cognate works out of is filled with broken robots. All of them need work done on them and it seems that some are unsure if they are robot or human. Either way Green Arrow is here to put an end to it. Now the truth is a bit disturbing to me. All of the “robots” were once humans but they came here to get rid of it. Now I have heard of a lot of people doing different things to escape life but never like this. And to be honest something like this might work but however Dr. Cognate it has left many of them on a middle ground that have made them even more confused and lost.

Now a robot won’t bleed, but many of them do when Green Arrow fights them. Once the fighting is done with they are all shocked. They have been told they are robots yet here is this man telling them they were human. Pauline comes in and attacks Dr. Cognate demanding the truth behind it all. Turns out the guy used to be a psychiatrist and he was unable to help everyone. No matter what they did they never got better. So how do you take away all the pain without killing them. You cancel out the emotions. He would plant a cognate chip that would gather data on how to act and with the nacrotics chip it would eliminate excessive bad emotions. The reason none of them remember is that part of the treatment is no memory of it ever happening.

Now he claims of thousands are out there living happy lives thinking they are robots. It is a life style choice for them, but Ollie claims that they should be able to leave if they want to. It is unclear if they all leave but they were at least given the chance. Pauline runs off when Ollie tells her she is human but she leaves behind her repair kit? He looks over and says, “No it can’t be” but the reader sees nothing. Thanks DC. There is a scene at Robots Anonymous at the end but nothing big happens. A man is seen there who is new who says he wears metal sometimes. Then he goes into the meeting.

Now it is possible that he is the new arrow we heard about but its going out on a limb. The only reason I say that is because Pauline mistakes Ollie for a robot in his Green Arrow get up claiming he is wearing a suit of metal. Of course it could just be nothing. Or something completely different.

Either way the issue wasn’t the best. I just really like Green Arrow and I guess I just keep having such high hopes. Now the theme is kind of interesting I touched on it a bit above, but it is hard to imagine people actually doing that. I remember there is an episode of Buffy were a group of kinds want to become vampires and Buffy thinks them all to be crazy. Just reminds me of that a bit. How view points can differ. Who knows, maybe robot implants will be the next cool thing in 100 years.

I will say I like the art a lot better in this issue.  Not saying anything bad about Harvey Tolibao’s work, it just wasn’t my style.


2 Responses to “Robots in Seattle: A review of Green Arrow #10”

  1. AJ "Dub Saint" McKay Says:

    I haven’t bought this one yet… I’ll wait for a sale… 🙂
    I agree, reading Green Arrow is frustrating these days.

    • Totally agree. The distinguishing mark of Green Arrow was his maturity: now he’s just a young hero like (almost) everyone else, from Spider Man to Superboy. I understand they had to link the comic book to the upcoming tv series, but they could have done that in a far smarter way: for example, they could have created a comic series narrating his early days as Green Arrow, like Marvel did with “X – Men: First Class.” When you reboot a character, you can change everything but his spirit: DC didn’t follow this simple but essential rule, so they haven’t been faithful both to their tradition and to their public.

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