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Last Saturday – Cartoon Report

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien:  repeat of ep. 17 “Nor Iron Bars a Cage” One of the transitional episodes between the defeat of season one big bad Aggregor and the oh so slice-of-life second season, in which Ben and Gwen angst over having to fight Ultimate Kevin, now potentially mad, after absorbing the energy of the Ultimatrix. not as bad as I’m making it sounds, it’s a nice episode that gives some backstory on Kevin, including how he previously escaped the Null Void.

ThunderCats: “Soul Sever” The Cats reunite in Dog City, where Jorma’s moved his junk shop. The tech-dealer tries to help with the book of Omen’s seeming problem of pointing straight up, but the book attracts other interested parties, like Necromechs and Soul Sever, a living weapon trying to resurect his disembodied family with Necromecker technology – fusing souls and machines.

Green Lantern the Animated Series: repeat of ep. 1 “Beware My Power: Green Lantern’s Light, Part 1” The series and season opener in which Hal promises Carol that dinner, Razer vaguely seems to doubt his orders, The Green Lanterns of Oa are told about the existence of the Frontier Lanterns, Ganthet tells the test pilot from Earth where the secret, experimental, faster-than-light craft he’s absolutely not supposed to know about is docked, Kilowog continues a career of saving Hal’s butt, and Aya is just a voice on a ship.

Sword of the Atom 02 short: Ray is surprised to meet people as tiny as he presently is; they’re not exactly friendly.

Young Justice: Invasion: “Bloodlines” All the Flashes, pretty much.

New Teen Titans 01 short: “Cyborg the Lifeguard”. comedy ensues when Cyborg finds that robotic parts don’t exactly equate to bouyancy, when he’s trying to save a damsel in the pool. Fortunately, she’s actually competent enough to save him, with a little mouth-to-mouth.

The Legend of Korra: “When Extremes Meet” In which we get the New Team Avatar, and then Tarrlok shows what a wet blanket he is.

Transformers Rescue Bots: repeats of episodes “Four Bots and a Baby” and “Walk on the Wild Side” It’s like that home ec. project with the eggs, except with one of Doc Greene’s inventions, and Transformers. (Like that one Batman Beyond episode that time.) Then, Boulder doesn’t get the difference between pet shelters and zoos and consequently allows one lion and a bunch of lemurs into the town. It’s like one-third of Madagascar plus robots. everyone learns a lesson and laughs in the end.

Transformers Prime: repeat of ep. 27 “Orion Pax – Part 1”. The episode that gave fangirls half of everything they wanted from this series. Optimus is adorably trusting in his amnesiac Orion Pax persona, but Megatron’s still evil and on the juice- well, dark energon.

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