Review of Detective Comics #10

“Only thing is, the closer they get to an answer, the more costly it gets.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Well, the Night of Owls may not be over, but we will have to look elsewhere for it’s conclusion(it continues in Batman #10, which comes out tomorrow).

This issue opens up with an armored truck being hijacked by several men dressed in Batman suits. These are not the hockey pad wearing, shotgun wielding amateurs we saw in the Dark Knight film. These guys are pros, although I do not know why the head guy have the ENORMOUS scope on his AR-15(with grenade launcher). The make quick work of the guards and remove a single case from the rear of the truck.

We then cut across town to see Bruce visiting Charlotte. Remember her? She was the reporter that Bruce was “seeing”. She got banged up pretty good back in issues #6-7. It seems that with all the drama with her sister she decides she needs some space. So, basically she breaks up with Bruce. Good thing he has plenty to occupy himself with.

Gotham’s finest chase down the “batmen” and manage to kill one of them. The police chase them into the sewers and plan to flush them out(pun intended?). Now, we all know that Batman hates criminals. He hates people that prey on the weak or helpless. He takes particular offense to criminals that operate in Gotham City. It also seems it REALLY pisses him off when the criminals dress up like him. These guys may dress like Batman, but hey do not have his fighting skills. However during the fight they pull suicide rip cords(as a diversion. they are sneaky, sucidal bastards). Their mysterious boss escapes witht the case while G.C.P.D. let Batman go.

Batman meets with Gordon and Bullock and he learns that the item stolen belonged to Dunhill Labratory. It seems Dunhill had a “radiation accident” earlier in the day. Also they were reportedly using a hadron collider to prove time travel and parallel dimensions. He follows a lead to a company called HM Industries, which has an office in Wayne Tower and is even run by a friend of Bruce.

Bruce arrives to find his friend inside of a hadron collider and is attacked from behind by the man we saw earlier in the sewers, Mr Toxic.

We also have a Two Face back up story. APparently Two Face is taken in by an odd cult that tries to cure his mental instability, however after a short amount of time the leader, a man called Leader(seriously could the names be less original?) says he can’t be helped and he is sent back intot he world. Two face was gone for about a week and people were starting to talk about who would take over his “business interests”. Two Face kicks in the door with guns in hand.

First, the Two Face story. I was unimpressed. According to the comic Two Face was gone for “almost a week”. Not really a lot of time for any sort of revelation, which is probably why Two Face didn’t seem to have one. I am hoping that in next month’s continuation of the back up story that something more is revealed.

Now the main story was far more enjoyable. I feel bad for Bruce. Getting dumped is never fun. I imagine that being rich, athletic, good looking and charming doesn’t make it any easier. Still, he is a tough guy and he will carry on. Besides he is in half of DC’s titles so he is plenty busy. This Mr Toxic, while having a lame name, does seem to be a significant threat.

I have a few thoughts that cam to mind as I read this issue.

-Bullock mentioned that initial analysis of the corpses lead to them thinking the “batmen” were related. Now since we know Mr. Toxic is involved with someone who is doing experiments into parallel dimensions(and we know that parallel Earths exist in the DCU), maybe the “batmen” where the same person but from parallel Earths. It would be an additional reason for the suicide bombs and the fact that one of them referred to another as “number 3”. Just a theory.

-Related to the above theory, this may lead to a way that Earth 1 and Earth 2 can meet in the future.

– This is more of a question than a theory, but what the hell did Mr. Toxic do to Batman? He shot him with some sort of electrical blast and given his name I doubt it is anything good.

-I also liked how the G.C.P.D. was about to shoot Batman but they stopped because of new orders. Maybe because the Ba Family saved the Mayor during the Night of Owls?


One Response to “Review of Detective Comics #10”

  1. Karan Seraph Says:

    I wonder if events in Detective comics will tie-into World’s finest in any way, due to similar concepts of radiation and parallel worlds in current issues, or if these are coincidence. There is also a scene in World’s Finest #2, which shows that Gotham National Bank has flagged some financial transfers as suspect. These are the transfers Helena Wayne of Earth 2 made from accounts of Bruce Wayne of Earth 1, in order to get her and Karen Starr started on building a new life.

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