Review of Batman #10

“A truth inside a lie.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I’ve read this issue several times(as I usually do before writing a review) and I am still not sure how I feel about it. I loved the beginning. Batman cornering that member of the Court of Owls was awesome. I was intrigued when he found the rest of the Court dead. I was a little disturbed when Bruce was playing with the shells from his parent’s murder. I was shocked to find Lincoln still alive. I was a little disappointed when Lincoln said he was Bruce’s long lost brother.

It just came out of nowhere. I mean, at this point it could be just a lie intended to get under Batman’s skin. I liked the whole Lincoln not really being dead and how he was the booted member from the Court. I think making him Thomas Wayne Jr was just a bit too far. Also Batman said that in the portrait of his mother she wore a pin that was only given to mothers of children who lived at Willowwood. If that were the case then her wearing it openly would let everyone know that the Waynes had a child there. You mean to tell me that in all his years of investigating his parents murder, and Gotham in general he NEVER came across anything that said his parents had another kid?

I also would have liked to see Nightwing or Robin in this issue. I know the title is Batman, but I love seeing the Bat Family work together. You know you do too. Still the artwork and the pace of the story is excellent. Next month we get the conclusion of the Night of Owls.

We also have the continuation of the tale of Jarvis Pennyworth, Alfred’s father. It is an intriguing tale and if not for a few key details I would say it was wonderfully done. One thing is that it shows Bruce’s mother being interviewed about the new school she was building and she is visibly pregnant. The Wayne’s have always been big in Gotham, so of course if Martha Wayne had a second child their would be news stories, rumors, gossip, etc. How did Bruce never hear of this? I am assuming more information will come to light in next months issue.

I am still a little curious as to what Batman will do with the frozen Talons he has in the Bat Cave. Personally I would move them to an off site storage area. They can’t be trusted.


One Response to “Review of Batman #10”

  1. Karan Seraph Says:

    I haven’t read this issue, but the whole long-lost, super-special brother thing sounds very Gary Stu at this point.

    Maybe it’s a joke?

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