The Amazing Spider-Men? A review of Spider-Men #1

But wait a second, men means more than one. DARN RIGHT IT DOES. Good thing I read a lot of DC, it has prepared me for people traveling to worlds were they are dead or never existed. But while I never got into Ultimate Spider-Man, I do dig Miles costume.

Post contains spoilers

Now I don’t know how, but I almost completely missed this comic. I knew it was coming out soon but sometimes I forget what month it is. And when I went to Marvel’s website the other day to see what was coming out I totally just didn’t even see it. It was only thanks to Tumblr that I saw this came out this week. I have to say that I am really pumped to see how this turns out. I make it clear the love I have for Spider-Man. Honestly he is one of my favorite characters in comics and I have only heard good things about Miles. If things go well, I might just start review Ultimate Spider-Man as well.

The issue starts in Peter’s world. He is just doing his thing swinging around New York and taking int he city. He also makes a good point which is why I would love to live in NYC. He gets to swing above the city and just take it all in. I would love to be able to do that. It is why I love the roof scenes in How I Met Your Mother or why I am so happy Stan Lee picked NYC. If you drive into New York city at night and you can see all of it lit up, it really is beautiful. And so maybe not everyone is Spider-Man’s number one fan. Sure cops don’t always like vigilantes coming in and saving the day. However at the end of the day that doesn’t stop Peter from doing his job.

Whether it is stopping a mugging or saving the world, He does it with a smile on his face and a punchline. While swinging around New York he sees a huge flash of purple light. Normally that would be the point where people would run away but as Spider-Man he swings into the weird and dangerous. When he gets there things seem pretty dead. But once he find the source of the purple light things get more odd. The portal is not alien tech but is made from Stark parts. Once he does some more digging he finds out who is behind this right as they attack him. Mysterio¬† is here and he does not look happy to see him. As the fight goes on something starts to seem odd about Mysterio. Well even more odd than most of the time. It isn’t until he talks about missing his chance to kill Spider-Man when he first died that Peter becomes really worried. But with one shot and one jump Mysterio accidentally shoots the portal. As it collapses in on itself, Peter is sucked in and when he wakes he is shocked at what he finds.

Now it was dark outside when he found Mysterio. However now it is day time. Also he seems to be in New York but not his New York. He starts swinging around and doing things that he always does. Like crashing through a roof into a girl in a towel and stopping a mugging. Now the mugging is when things get REALLY weird. When he saves the guy, he tells him he has poor taste. Now most of the time if you save someone from a mugging they thank you, not make a comment about what you are wearing. The victim makes it clear that he is thankful but that costume was Peter Parker’s and he should get his own. Now this really throws Peter off. He gets out of there quickly and decides to head back to his apartment and backtrack his steps. That is until something really weird catches his eye. Two web slingers land on a roof, both saying no way.

Peter Parker meet Miles Morales.

Now like I said I have not read any of Ultimate Spider-man but I am really looking forward to the rest of this because I have only heard good things about him. Also some part of me wants to see Donald Glover play Miles Morales in a movie of show. If you are a fan of either Spider-man I say check this out. I have yet to read a Spider-Man issue that let me down. It is always just awesome.


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